How Old Am I App

Jul 19, 2015

Many anti-aging products have been introduced in the market. A lot of users are beginning to use anti-aging products even though they're not that old yet. I guess, most people now are too conscious at how old they look. Well, this app, would be a fun way to check yourself before leaving the house. Haha!
I knew about this app from Irish's post ( I found it interesting to try since I'm always either mistaken as a young college student or a teacher. I just wanted to see what this app would say in terms of age.

When you download the app, you can either choose to have your photo taken or you can upload from you camera roll/album. However, I found out that this app won't generate your age unless you're connected to the internet.

I have tried a couple of my photos and the ages being generated and it never got my correct age. I don't know how it processes the photo so I made an experiment. I used the same photo with a different lighting/filter. The age gap of the two photo was quite shocking.

I think it did has something to do with lighting and the sharpness of the picture which shows the lines and other blemishes on the face. I have tried it with Kuya BA and Vina (my relatives) and we had a lot of fun teasing each other.

I suggest you try this out too! See how old you are but of course, don't take it too seriously. It's all just for fun. Best used with friends or a loved one. Hehe.

Since the app didn't guess my age...
How old do you think I am?


DISCLAIMER: I do not own the first photo of this post. I saw it from Google and was directed to but couldn't find that photo at the wesbite. I couldn't find the photographer's name too so I don't really know who to credit. Anyways, photo credits to the owner.

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