Nikki Gil's "Love Revisited" Mall Tour

Jul 19, 2015

We all have a song that reminds us of the time we fell in love or when we got hurt. There are songs that when played, reminds us of certain memories. There are also songs that comforts us. Morever, there are songs that speak of what we are currently going through and reminds us that everything will be okay. This is what Nikki Gil's new album, Love Revisited is all about.
the Show

Yesterday, 18th of July 2015, she had a mall tour for her new album, Love Revisited at SM Dasmarinas. The event area was full and a lot of other people waited for Nikki from the ground up to the top floor which for sure overwhelmed Nikki when she came out.

The show started at around 5:25 PM and she began it by introducing what her album is about. She then sang her first song, When I Met You. Her voice was very sweet and engaging to sing along with. I'm sure many of those who was present knew the song but was just dealing with so much star struck that only a few were able to sing along with Nikki.

Her next song was Loving You which composed by Gerardo Paraiso and was popularized by Ric Segreto in the 80s. During this song, you can already hear some people singing along with Nikki.

She mentioned that her first two songs were for those who are currently in love or inspired. However, her third song, as she warned is (haha), would be dedicated to those who is hurting or once got broken. This is a song composed by Soc Villanueva and entitled Babalikan Mo Rin Ako.

The fourth song as Nikki said it, was one of those songs we hear during graduation. This is also a song we sing to whoever we have to say our Farewell to. Hence the title, Farewell which was by Odette Quesada and popularized by Raymond Lauchengco.

She sang two (2) songs for people in love and two (2) songs for people hurting. Her last song was for people who are on the process of moving on or have moved on. You Made Me Stronger was popularized by Regine Velasquez but was composed by Trina Belamide. Just a little trivia of the composer, she's the great woman behind the great song, "Tell The World Of His Love".

Anyway, You Made Me Stronger was a great song wrap up the show. Everyone was singing with her and you can even hear the audience from the top floors singing along as well. It was such a lively song that everyone enjoyed.
the Singer

I may not be always updated with Nikki Gil's whereabouts but she's definitely someone I idolize. Not only is she talented, as we all know... she's also very intelligent and absolutely a woman with great values. There's nothing to hate about her! She's simply wonderful!

Though it was not my first time to see her in person (I've seen her in Greenbelt before dining with non-showbiz friends), it was my first time to meet her face-to-face. It was such an overwhelming and unforgettable experience. Thank you for this experience, SM Dasma!

During her performance, she comes down the stage to interact with the people inside and even the outside of the event area. She constantly waves at her fans and other audiences from the different floors or side of the mall. She was very approachable and very kalog. If you reguarly watch MYX, however she acts in that program/show, she's also like that yesterday; cute, funny and admiring.
the Signing

After the five songs, she went rested for a few minutes while the mall staff prepared her table for the autograph signing. Everyone literally rushed in front to be the first in line. Those gestures simply says that everyone yesterday was excited to meet her personally.

Since a lot have purchased her album, the long line was expected. Different people from almost all ages lined up to meet and greet Nikki. It was cute that a lot of parents took their kids with them and were introducing Nikki Gil; a good choice of person for kids inspiration, I must admit! Hehe.

She did not only sign the albums, she was actually talking to each one. She replies sincerely to the different stories each person gave her. She was very approachable.

There was also this one person, named John Joseph Saul who brought Nikki's different CDs to autograph. You can really see how blessed and grateful Nikki was when she saw the CDs.

Her fans, the Nixters, were there to help the people take their photos which was very admiring. I'm a fan of Nikki but I'm not a part of Nixters or any of her fans club as I really have no idea how to join those. *sniffs* But if given the instructions, I would love to be a part. Why? Not only because I love Nikki Gil, but because the people that make up the fans club are great people! They were very friendly and kalog like Nikki and that's the kind of people we should surround ourselves with, right?

If you want to check out my other photos during the event, find the mall tour album in my Facebook page: or simply click here.
the Album

The album is very affordable which is priced at Php300 (roughly just $7). It contains 12 songs (OPM originals) that you may have heard your father or your mother sing in a videoke night. "Why would I buy this album if its the same love songs?", you might ask. Well, simply because Nikki has her own rendition of the songs in which made it the ideal playlist for easy listening.

The album looks like a mini notebook or photograph book of Nikki. It contains pictures of Nikki, lyrics of the songs, information about each song (composer, publishers, etc) and of course, the CD itself which was found at the last page.

I really love that it had lyrics so those who are not familiar with the song, can actually sing along as they play the CD on a rainy night or a weekend afternoon relaxation.

Say not to piracy and purchase your own copy! *winks*
Which love song best fits your status now?
You can comment your own or Nikki's Love Revisited album.
(see photo above for the songs)

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