Vacation House for Free

Jul 20, 2015

Have you ever heard of a vacation house for free? Neither have I! So when I first saw the commercial about it one night, I really waited for it to air. I wanted to see how one can get a vacation house for free. I really thought this was a game show but I was wrong. It was way better than that.

According to HGTV's website...

"Matt Blashaw (contractor and real estate expert) realizes couples' wishes to own a vacation home mortgage free. The secret? He helps them shop for and renovate a "diamond in the rough" home in their dream location to command top dollar as a vacation rental. The end result? The couple rents out the renovated home for maximum income part of the year, covering all their annual expenses. For the rest of the year they live in a Vacation House for Free!"
Can you imagine owning a vacation house in your preferred location through rental? Well, it's quite impossible for some countries like ours (Philippines) as this kind of arrangements are practiced.

Despite the fact that this kind of set up is not applicable in our country, I still watch it because it's amazing at how they renovate the chosen houses according to the buyer's preferences. I'm learning a lot about interior designing and the terms like open concept, etc. The show inspires me to make our home very attractive too.

I'm also amazed at all the tools they use for renovations! Those things make their jobs easier and faster. I'm sure that most of those tools are not sold in our country or if so, it would cost a lot of money.

I have seen a few episodes already and it's really inspiring, I tell you! So far, my most favorite was the one in the lake with an outside shower. I really love how they transformed the old looking house by the lake to a top rental house for the season.

Vacation for Free airs every Sundays, 12 AM at HGTV network. Our cable provider is Cignal so if you're using the same, the channel to HGTV is 101.

If it's your first time to hear about HGTV, I suggest you browse through for their other TV shows. You'll love them!


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