Foodies and buffet enthusiasts rejoice! Vikings, the Philippines’ largest buffet restaurant, thanks its loyal customers for their continued patronage with their Loyalty Card!
For only P300, diners at Vikings, Niu by Vikings, and Four Seasons Hotpot City as young as 13 years old can avail of the Vikings Loyalty Card and earn 1 point for every P100 spent dining at any of their numerous branches across the Metro.
Simply activate your card via SMS and receive exclusive discounts at branches, partners and affiliates, invitations to special events, priority entrance during opening hours, as well as loyalty and redemption points. Cardholders only need to show their card and proof of identity to any Vikings employee, who will simply scan their card with the ease of a TAP.

We value the delegates of each events we organized. We want you to have a collaboration for future projects or even friendship after the conference or summit under TAG Media and Public Relations. This, actually is part of the objective in attending events; To meet the empowered attendees who came from all parts of the country and beyond and to have a long term partnership after. We love to share and help individuals and companies to gain more knowledge from the speakers and to gain friends after the event.

According to Troy Nicolas, CEO of TAG Media and Public Relations, "We will have a Business Cards Exchange Activity too on the actual event so that you will meet everyone at the conference. So don't forget your fliers, business cards and ready pitch, the bell will ring every 30 seconds."

Back in college, I've almost always been assigned as a leader. Until now, I don't consider myself one because I know I'm not a good one. Though most of our projects turned out well in the end, I know for myself that I still don't have that power to fully command a group of people. Have you ever felt the same?

If you're an employee especially if you're in the managerial level, you must continuously seek ways how to become a good, or better yet, the best leader. Even if you consider yourself just a team member, you must find ways how you can unleash that leadership potential in you. And for that, I'm glad to announce this.

What's the first word that you thought of when you saw the photo above? I didn't have a word to describe it. My jaw just dropped and I was staring at it for a couple of minutes. My jaw dropped longer in surprise when I found out this was located in Anilao, Mabini Batangas which was just a few minutes away from our provincial home.

The following photos are grabbed from This is the now famous Camp Netanya, dubbed as the The Little Santorini in Batangas. Who wouldn't want to come here for the weekend right? But unfortunately, it's temporarily closed for reservations.

One of the hardest part of being a customer is wanting a product or brand but is not available in the area where you are in. Agree? Though some brands are now offering online purchase services, most customers still prefer to see, feel and try on the items before settling payment.

I have been wanting to buy a ladies oxfords shoes last year when it became a trend but I didn't want to have the same oxfords as everyone else so I bought something else. However, every time I plan my outfit for an event, I usually come up with an attire that looks better in oxfords shoes. By the time I have made up my mind in buying one, finding a good pair became harder than I thought.

Until one day, as I was just looking around Celine, I saw this brown oxfords with such cute cut-outs. I asked if they had my size and when the stock was confirmed, I didn't hesitate and proceeded to the counter to buy it.

Last Wednesday (August 12) was the opening of CityMall, Anabu Imus. I went there because I was invited by to cover one of their tenant's store opening. It was a rainy day but it did not stop the Cavitenos. The crowd was crazy!

Over the weekend, I went to my dad's province to celebrate my birthday. If I celebrated my birthday last year with friends, this year, I wanted to celebrate it with my family.

Due to the heavy traffic from our place to Batangas City plus the dreadful heat, we chose to just chill out in one of the coffee shops in the Municipality of Bauan known as Brother John's Coffee.

For the past days, I've been asked my age and I didn't feel like answering properly; not because I don't like the fact that I'm another year older but because I knew I was turning 26 and yet, I haven't really accomplished much in life.

I remember the first time I bought a dozen of this and brought it to my cousins in Batangas, their smiles were priceless. When I gave a box to my aunt for her birthday a few weeks ago, she was very happy and enjoyed her every bite. And just last week, when I gave a dozen to my godchild as pasalubong, his excitement and joy was just overwhelming.

There's really a joy in every box of Krispy Kreme. I don't know if it's the taste or the design of the doughnuts but it's really working well to different ages. Their new campaign, #JoyInABox really suits speaks of Krispy Kreme.

Last Friday was the YMA 2015. It is the yearly awards event of the Marketing Department of De La Salle University - Dasmarinas. The YMA stands for Youth Marketer's Awards. Their theme for this year was All White. It's a pretty cool theme which would really challenge the students to pull off a look that's all white. That's why I attended the event to personally see them and capture their style. A more detailed post will be provided in the next days. For now, I'll have to conclude that most of the girls in the event wore a white dress. But really, where can we buy white dresses in the Philippines?


Running on 2nd - 3rd September 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Manila and bringing together 1000+ attendees, 60 expert speakers and 40 international & local exhibitors, Cards & Payments Philippines and the E-Commerce Show Philippines will be the premier meeting place for the entire payments and e-commerce ecosystems from across the country.
Yesterday, I was able to attend our school department's general assembly, YMA 2015. YMA stands for Young Marketers' Awards. It's a yearly event of the Marketing Department to award students who have been working hard and submitting outputs or projects that earned the highest grades. They truly deserve to be recognized.
Just like any other events, speakers are invited to deliver an inspirational talk to the students. Yesterday's first speaker was Bro. Arun Gogna. Have you heard of him? If you haven't, you should!
CD-R King has really evolved from just computer accessories. They now offer office supplies, mobile accessories like my phone cases collection, even photography gadgets and accessories.
One of their new products is these Bluetooth speakers. My uncle loves to listen to music through his phone and though he already owns a speaker, he would like to have a wireless one so he can move around the house with his phone while the song plays. As soon as he found out abut these new speakers from CD-R King, he told me to get him one.

When I first entered a buffet (years ago), I was very overwhelmed with all the dishes and other meals available on the trays and tables. I didn't know where to start! And since it was my first time then, I took as many servings as possible thinking they would not replenish the trays. It's ridiculous and cute remembering it.
On my second buffet (@ Vikings, MOA), I promised myself to be smarter. I did some research and learned these things which I will share with you so you can maximize your next buffet experience too!

I have always been amazed with the great architectural designs of the different Churches throughout the world. I was even more amazed when my friends took me to this church, right after our Hot Air Balloon Festival trip. It has so much history which I would like to share with you.