Maximize your Stay at Buffets

Aug 2, 2015

When I first entered a buffet (years ago), I was very overwhelmed with all the dishes and other meals available on the trays and tables. I didn't know where to start! And since it was my first time then, I took as many servings as possible thinking they would not replenish the trays. It's ridiculous and cute remembering it.
On my second buffet (@ Vikings, MOA), I promised myself to be smarter. I did some research and learned these things which I will share with you so you can maximize your next buffet experience too!


1. Don't starve yourself. Contrary to the common belief that when you're hungry, you would eat more on buffets. Eat a light meal at least before heading to a buffet. The size of your stomach will shrink when you're too hungry or almost starving.
2. Drink water and control your next drinks. Drinking water 30 minutes before meal will keep you hydrated and will help you better digest your food. During meals, control your liquid intake as it will easily make you feel full.
3. Take small portions. Do not fill your plate right away. Just take small portions which you can consume easily to give way for other dishes especially if the buffet you're in is a multi-cuisine like Vikings. Try the other meals offered; variety helps to break up the monotony of tastes and allows you to eat more.

4. Skip rice on your first turn. If you're accustomed to eating rice, at least skip it on your first turn. If you can't, then eat very minimal rice. Some call rice as fillers; they find that eating rice on buffets just wastes the space for other great food. Eating too much will do take up most of the space in your stomach which will easily make you feel full.
5. Go for seafood! Let's be frank here. You can easily eat pasta or meat from other restaurants but you'd hardly find or eat special seafood. The market prices for seafood are usually high making them the most valued food on buffets.
6. Eat slow and steady. Don't rush in eating everything at once! Eat slow and steady. It’ll make you feel less bloated and leave room for more food throughout the buffet.
7. If possible, go on lunch time. Based on our experience, we eat more during lunch especially when we're not able to grab anything for breakfast. Besides, we are not advised to eat so much before bedtime, right? And most people I know don't eat much on dinner as well; either due to late lunch or a satisfying merienda. 

8. Bring a dark chocolate with you. I researched that dark chocolate is a probiotic which means it would help provide intestinal bacteria needed to properly break down food. Take even just tiny portions of it in between meals.
9. Go for a walk. One of the reasons why it is recommended to take small portions so you can keep going back and forth. Walking helps your food go down the stomach. A little exercise too would help you digest.
10. Wear comfortable clothes! Do not wear tight pants or clothes that would make you feel uncomfortable when your stomach begins to expand.
These are my tips so far. If you have other suggestions you would like to share with us, feel free to comment it below (kindly wait for the Disqus comment box to load). I hope these tips would help you maximize your buffet experience. If you tried these, don't forgt let me know if it was effective for you.


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