Asia Leaders Talk: Unleash Your Leadership Potential with Mike Grogan

Aug 27, 2015

Back in college, I've almost always been assigned as a leader. Until now, I don't consider myself one because I know I'm not a good one. Though most of our projects turned out well in the end, I know for myself that I still don't have that power to fully command a group of people. Have you ever felt the same?

If you're an employee especially if you're in the managerial level, you must continuously seek ways how to become a good, or better yet, the best leader. Even if you consider yourself just a team member, you must find ways how you can unleash that leadership potential in you. And for that, I'm glad to announce this.

On September 8, 2015 from 2:30PM to 5PM, “Asia Leaders Talk” together with “Best Of You” will have Mike Grogan for “Unleash Your Leadership Potential” at Misono Events Place along Jupiter Street, Bel Air, Makati.

Mike Grogan is the founder of “Best Of You.” He is a Non-Traditional Speaker, Coach and Trainer who helps Individuals and Managers to go further, faster. He has worked with hundreds of organizations around the world from Billion Dollar Brands in Corporate America, Hospitals in Africa, to Humanitarian Organizations in Palestine.

Today, Mike lives and works in the Philippines where he is fast becoming the leading authority in non-traditional Management & Leadership development. Mike is convinced that many individuals and organizations are wasting their time and money on ineffective traditional training programs and he is committed to changing this.

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TAG Media and Public Relations, the organizer of Asia Leaders Forum and Asia Leaders Talk aims to reach a broader audience and help not just companies, but individuals as well in pursuing excellence. Asia Leaders Forum and Asia Leaders Talk are pocket conferences with different topics per event, featuring influential local and international leaders as speakers.
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Share with me.
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And what was it for?


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