Camp Netanya Temporarily Closed

Aug 24, 2015

What's the first word that you thought of when you saw the photo above? I didn't have a word to describe it. My jaw just dropped and I was staring at it for a couple of minutes. My jaw dropped longer in surprise when I found out this was located in Anilao, Mabini Batangas which was just a few minutes away from our provincial home.

The following photos are grabbed from This is the now famous Camp Netanya, dubbed as the The Little Santorini in Batangas. Who wouldn't want to come here for the weekend right? But unfortunately, it's temporarily closed for reservations.

Just a short story...

I first found out about Camp Netanya from my friend's cousin, Eloiza. Her and her family had a day tour and she posted about it in her Facebook account. I didn't paid much attention because it looked plain but when she posted a photo similar to the photo above, I was blown away.

Ever since, I've been trying to plan my visit to this place. I have messaged their official account before for my inquiries and received quite unprofessional responses. I honestly didn't expect it. That was why I gave it a pass for my birthday; I planned to celebrate it here instead of travelling elsewhere.

I'm glad I gave it a pass because just moments ago, I found out they have closed reservations since last month and offered refund for those who have  already reserved. I tried finding the official account I contacted before and it was already deactivated. Until I came across this page which had reviews about the resort.

According to one of the comments...

The resort (Camp Netanya) is temporarily closed for reservations because the resort is for sale. (See a screen cap uploaded by Ronn Michael Abary.)

There were also some uploaded screen captures that state the same message. It made me wonder why they had to sell it especially the business is doing really well. Then I thought... could it be the management?

Bad Reviews of Camp Netanya

I have seen several photo posts taken in Camp Netanya from some of the people I'm friends with in Facebook. They seemed to have enjoyed their stay. But the reviews of other customers tell another story. I wouldn't be so surprised because I also got cold responses from them.

In this page, you can view all the reviews their customers gave them. There are complaints regarding the manager and the customer service. No doubt, the place is stunning and the view is priceless. But the key to a satisfying vacation to a great place such as this is an excellent customer service which I do believe they failed in. It then makes me wonder if they have sold it because the management can no longer handle the growing demand of the resort. Hmm...

If my theory is correct, I think it is for the better. There's so much potential and a new, better management would really help this resort survive the bad image it got from the past months.

For now, we just have to save those swimmers and wait for further announcements.


Even though they are temporarily closed, you may view the reviews of their customers through the links below. If you have posted about Camp Netanya too, feel free to add your link below:


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