CD-R Kings's Bluetooth Speakers Review

Aug 6, 2015

CD-R King has really evolved from just computer accessories. They now offer office supplies, mobile accessories like my phone cases collection, even photography gadgets and accessories.
One of their new products is these Bluetooth speakers. My uncle loves to listen to music through his phone and though he already owns a speaker, he would like to have a wireless one so he can move around the house with his phone while the song plays. As soon as he found out abut these new speakers from CD-R King, he told me to get him one.
Before heading to the branch, we checked CD-R King's website ( for the specifications so my uncle can already choose which one. He chose the Fremont Bluetooth Speaker because it has higher battery voltage/capacity, because of it's style too and he assumed is has better quality than the other since it was priced a hundred pesos higher.
You can click here for the complete specification of this speaker.
When I went to their SM Dasmarinas branch, I was assisted quickly. I first asked the staff which one she thinks is best and also recommended this speaker. She suggested we try both of them so I can hear how better this Fremont is than the Cyrus. Because my uncle didn't give me is phone (which was a Cherry Mobile Omega Spectrum phone), I had to test it using my phone, iPhone 5. This did sound better than the other one. I also love how this actually has a display where you can see your battery level, the volume and the mode. I was also convinced that this was the best choice. This speaker (Fremont) costed Php580, roughly about $13.
My uncle hurriedly tried it when I got home but the sound changed when he used his phone. The songs seemed to be cutting when playing. We thought it was just his phone so we had to restart his phone and tried it again. Nothing changed, any song played was either cutting, skipping or slowing down. So I tried it on my phone again and it was working perfectly. I knew then there was something wrong with compatibility.
I brought the speaker to the branch the next day and was assisted by Grace. She asked me what the problem was and she suggested we try it with another unit. This time, I have already brought my uncle's phone. It still had that problem so we concluded there's really a compatibility problem. I asked if we can try the Cyrus speaker and Grace willingly agreed. It was a surprise for both of us that the songs played smoothly with this other speaker. We tried playing a few more songs to double check and had no problems. It simply means that my uncle's phone is more compatible to the Cyrus speaker than with Fremont.
I knew they wouldn't replace the product because it is working. But when I tried asking Grace if it was possible to replace it since it will be useless for my uncle. Without hesitation, she answered me with "Okay po Ma'am, itatanong ko po." (Okay Ma'am, I'll ask.)
I was very surprised and thankful that the management agreed to replace it. I wasn't expecting it but they were very understanding. The Cyrus speaker only costed Php480 ($10.50) so I needed to find another product to make up the Php100 balance. They do not refund money; only replacements or exchange. I chose to get an adapter since the speaker doesn't come with one.

The Fremont speaker had a better sound quality than the Cyrus but because of compatibility issues, the Fremont wasn't the best choice... at least for my uncle's case.
Cyrus speaker isn't that bad either. It just didn't have the display area and the sound quality isn't just as loud as the Fremont. But they have almost the same specifications. Click here for Cyrus speaker's specs.
It even has an extra cord you can use if you don't want to use the bluetooth setting; unlike Fremont speaker which only comes with the USB cord you use for charging.
Not to forget that both speakers micro-sd slots which you can use for your music and both also have radio. Small speakers but with different multiple uses.
Some branches may not offer you the same solution so to also avoid the hassle, do bring the unit (phone) you will be using to play the music and make sure to test it well before leaving the CD-R King store.
And by the way, when returning products, please speak with the staff courteously. I have heard some customers complain and scold the staff as if it's their 100% fault that the product is defective or not what they have expected. Please remind yourself that they are the sales team and not the manufacturer. You can complain nicely and they will provide you solutions that will satisfy you.  
I recommend Ms. Grace of CD-R King Dasmarinas.
If this post reaches the CD-R King management, please know that Ms. Grace of your branch in SM Dasmarinas was very polite and helpful. She didn't show me annoyance despite of my subconscious repetitive questions. Also to the supervisor or manager in charge (I didn't get the name) who was very understanding of our case and approved that the item can be replaced.
It is people like them that help the business satisfy customers and make them want to go back. As a customer, I hope you can give them a token of recognition for such great customer service. 
CD-R King
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