CityMall, Anabu Imus, Cavite

Aug 19, 2015

Last Wednesday (August 12) was the opening of CityMall, Anabu Imus. I went there because I was invited by to cover one of their tenant's store opening. It was a rainy day but it did not stop the Cavitenos. The crowd was crazy!

Everyone was hoping and waiting to finally see Anne Curtis in person, who is the brand ambassador of CityMall Philippines. I must say, she really pulled a lot of customers to the event. I just wasn't able to photograph her because I was already at the MICHAELA store to cover their opening too.

Just like other events in the Philippines, it started a bit late than scheduled and they had different performances before they brought out their celebrity guest. The dragon dance was happening outside while a tribal/festive dance group performing inside the front mall entrance.

Laila Chikadora was their host who did a great job uplifting the spirits of the audience from the gloomy weather outside. A few more minutes later, Anne finally came out and the crowd just lost it. She greeted everyone and performed on stage. Her performance was hilarious because as we all know, she's not a singer and yet, she really tries to sing high notes.

I don't know if she was able to go down the stage or at least interact with the audience closer because I became busy with MICHAELA's store opening. The next thing I know, she's no longer in the stage. Rayver's name was mentioned who was their next celebrity guest though I wasn't able to catch his performance for I left before 7 PM.

I haven't gone around the mall yet to check their tenants but they have a great floor space which I think will be filled with stalls sooner. And oh, by the way! Before I forget, I was able to use their mall CR and they had a lot of cubicles for women. Because they just opened, the CR looks really good! Hoping both the management and the customers can maintain the cleanliness after a few weeks.

I'll go there again next week to fully explore the place. I'll make a follow up post soon.


What is the most important thing in a mall for you?
Ex: parking, cr, food choices, etc.


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