Cute Oxfords from Celine

Aug 20, 2015

I have been wanting to buy a ladies oxfords shoes last year when it became a trend but I didn't want to have the same oxfords as everyone else so I bought something else. However, every time I plan my outfit for an event, I usually come up with an attire that looks better in oxfords shoes. By the time I have made up my mind in buying one, finding a good pair became harder than I thought.

Until one day, as I was just looking around Celine, I saw this brown oxfords with such cute cut-outs. I asked if they had my size and when the stock was confirmed, I didn't hesitate and proceeded to the counter to buy it.

I'm really in love with the cut-outs of this footwear. It looks so unique. Though most of it had cut-outs, it works together; it doesn't look to exaggerated. Do you agree?

The cut-out design did give style to the vintage feel of this oxfords. The design made it more versatile; I can wear this with a dress, skirt, jeans or even shorts.

The materials used were not that thick; it's lightweight which makes it very comfortable to wear. However, I do think the materials are not as long lasting as the original oxford shoes so I wouldn't dare wear this every day or dare walk it on a wet or flooded area.

They actually have other colors and styles available.

I bought mine for Php1,299. It's quite pricey you may think. Though I cannot conclude yet if it was worth it in terms of quality or durability, I can say that because I'm so in love with the design and satisfied with its comfort, I already got about 55% of my money (value for money). We shall see if it can last longer than I expect. 

What can you say about Celine's collection
of oxford styled footwear?

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