My Birthday Thoughts

Aug 18, 2015

For the past days, I've been asked my age and I didn't feel like answering properly; not because I don't like the fact that I'm another year older but because I knew I was turning 26 and yet, I haven't really accomplished much in life.

There were actually times today that I felt it's another ordinary day until I opened my Facebook to see all the greetings.  And it finally hit me. I'm officially 26... another year older; not getting any younger.

I need to come out of my comfort zone. I need to start making decisions. I need to be more independent and more mature toward certain things. I need to be a 26-year old lady.

Thank you Lord for giving me another year to celebrate my birthday. I'm definitely gonna make the most out of this new year.

Thank you also to everyone who spared some time to write on my wall, send me a private message, text me and some even called. Thank you for all the greetings. I appreciate them all. 

Most especially to my parents who has always been supportive at how I want to celebrate this day. ❤️


What words of wisdom can you share with me?


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