Where To Find Stylish White Dresses?

Aug 11, 2015

Last Friday was the YMA 2015. It is the yearly awards event of the Marketing Department of De La Salle University - Dasmarinas. The YMA stands for Youth Marketer's Awards. Their theme for this year was All White. It's a pretty cool theme which would really challenge the students to pull off a look that's all white. That's why I attended the event to personally see them and capture their style. A more detailed post will be provided in the next days. For now, I'll have to conclude that most of the girls in the event wore a white dress. But really, where can we buy white dresses in the Philippines?


Seeing how well the students pulled off the white look made me think if I can pull that kind of look too. However, upon checking my closet, I don't own an all white dress and usually, when I need an attire for a special event like YMA, I usually go to Zalora.

Zalora has a beautiful selection of dresses that suits for any occasion. I'm personally attracted to their printed dresses and I was surprised that I never noticed they had great selection of white garments as well.

Since I'm an alumni, I wasn't really required to dress all white. But if I was required, these would be the styles I'll be choosing from:

For further details about the dress, feel free to click on the photos.

Just like black, I find the color white very versatile. The color nowadays can fit to different occasions unlike before that it's only commonly used in weddings. The only reason why girls hate white is because it can easily be stained. But I guess that explains why most female who wear white dresses are women; and by that I mean grown up females who are matured with their actions. No wonder too that whenever I see any woman in an all-white dress, they look so sophisticated.

For Pinays, some would feel awkward wearing white but trust me, after seeing the morena students pull off their all-white looks, I can say it's just a matter of confidence.

So next time you're invited to an all-white themed party or even in an evening date, you know where to find the perfect dress for you. 


Which among the white dresses above do you like most?


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