Why You Should Watch #HeneralLuna

Sep 9, 2015

For someone like me who grew up abroad, studying Philippine History has been my fascination. It makes us understand that whatever happened in the past explains why our government or country is like this now. It teaches us to do the right decisions in the present and future time.

Let me ask you, what do you know about Heneral Luna? With all honesty, I have no idea of who he is aside from being a General. I think I know more about Juan Luna, his brother, than him. Basically , that's the reason why I wanted to watch this movie; to know more about him and his leadership.

I thought that this movie would tackle the life of a General in a serious setting and deep Tagalog vocabulary but I'm glad it wasn't. It was actually unexpectedly funny! Though it was a light watch for everyone, the story, facts and inspiration was still present. It did not loose its consistency.

I highly recommend you to watch this movie! Here's my top 5 reason why you should:

Why You Should Watch #HeneralLuna

1. Humor

As mentioned above, this movie was quite humorous than expected. At the beginning of the movie, though they were already fighting a battle, the characters flawlessly delivered funny scripts that definitely captured the attention of the audience especially the students.

Good job to the Heneral Luna team for being able to insert humor without loosing the story of the movie. Moreover, good job to the actors that made it realistic to watch.

2. Cinematography

There's no doubt that this movie would gather awards because of its excellent cinematography! The musical scoring and the effects - prosthetic or digital - were wonderfully done that everything looks real! Example (warning, graphic description & spoiler note): There were a couple of scenes that showed completely blown up faces or bodies of the characters.

Not to forget at how the locations of the shoot were well-thought of!

3. Great Cast

I could not think of another actor that can pull off the character of Heneral Luna other than Mr. John Arcilla! He was very good; so good that when I hear or read about Heneral Luna, it would be the laugh, the tone of his voice and the look of his face that I'll remember.

The cast of this show is just amazing! I don't know if they had to audition or if they were individually chosen but everyone, no matter how small the role is (pertaining to even the extras in the film), acted consistently.

4. Knowledge

This movie lectures or at least reminds us of the people within the first government of our country. I really loved how each character was introduced in the beginning so you wouldn't have to guess who their roles are as the movie goes on.

In the beginning and end too, were some kind of disclaimer notes so it does not confuse viewers especially students about the historical facts.

Just like Bonifacio's movie, it doesn't fully narrate the entire history of the Philippine-American War. It was focused, of course, on the life of Antonio Luna, as the brilliant Filipino General. But still, it does not fail to educate us with the events that happened in the past.

5. Inspiration

Personally, after watching this film, it made me realize at how corrupt (even before) our government is and how hard it would be to change it. Despite that realization, I felt that inspiration, a little kick in my consciousness to do something about it; to never stop fighting for what you believe in especially if its for the betterment of everyone.

We must not just sit, be a puppet to someone else, suffer and complain. We must stand, be a leader that motivates change for the betterment of our lives and our country.


This is a must-watch movie! Two thumbs are not enough to give this movie the recognition it deserves. It is so terrific that I'd honestly would like to watch it again. If only the cinema was continuous screening, I would stay and repeat it twice (or even a couple of times more).

I highly recommend this movie! You will not feel bored or anything close to that, take my word for it. But here's just a few reminders before you head to the cinema:
  • Movie is rated R-13. Expect to hear/see curse words, graphic content and some sexual scenes.
  • Students get a 50% discount for the ticket price. Simply present the existing/valid school ID at the ticket booth as you buy.
  • Please be reminded to be considerate enough to other viewers. Refrain from chatting with your friends or whoever you're with. Refrain from giving out unnecessary loud comments as the movie is playing. Watch quietly and understand what the movie is about.
  • Since it's hard to control students' noises inside the cinema, you may want to consider watching this movie on its last screening for the day (last full show).
  • Pee before watching so you can continuously watch the movie. Every scene is a must see!
  • Control yourself. Don't spoil it to others. Encourage them to also watch the movie.


If you have watched it,
let me know what you think of this movie.


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