Great Surprises Awaits You In #NIVEASlidefest

Sep 12, 2015

Yesterday, I was one of the lucky bloggers to be invited by Mr. Adrian Benipayo for a very exciting event happening on September 26 and 27 at Filinvest Alabang: The #NIVEASlidefest!
It was held at Joya Function Room, 8th Floor of Crimson Hotel, Filinvest City Alabang. I thought I would be late for the event due to the stressful traffic here and there but it turned out, I made it just at the right time.

There are some merienda and coffee available for guests while waiting for the press con to begin. A few minutes after I arrived, the other blogger guests started arriving as well.

Sir Adrian started the event welcoming us and introducing who he is. Without further ado, he introduced the brilliant man behind the awesome events in the Philippines namely Outbreak, Breakout and Slidefest Philippines; none other than Mr. Angelo Cruz.

Sir Adrian doing an introduction

Sir Angelo was very bubbly and welcoming to all of us. He began introducing the aforementioned events and how it came about. He told us that the unique concept + memorable experience + bonding of family and friends = are the key ingredients of their events.

Since some of us aren't that knowledgeable of Slidefest Philippines, he told us more about it. It started in Subic with a 1000 feet long slide while the second one was held in Filinvest Alabang which they called the Foam Slide.

Sir Angelo Cruz doing his speech

This month, they will be hosting a new Slidefest event in partnership with Nivea Philippines. Aside from having more foam and having the best DJ's in town (namely Migs, Nina, Kat and Marlo), there are a lot more great surprises that awaits you! Watch the video below to meet their two (2) new inflatable friends!

Meet the inflatable obstacle and inflatable maze! These inflatables will be available for all sliders FOR FREE! You can enjoy them while waiting for your wave or when you just want to have fun with family or friends. Isn't that cool?!

He promised that through Slidefest, this month will be a September to Remember. They aim to have a 10-minutes average waiting time for sliders and they're expecting 4,500 sliders per day. It will be a huge and fun event for sure!

It would be a rain or shine event so if it rains, it would be more fun as the slides will be more slippery! Can you already imagine it?

The first wave will start at 8AM while the foam party will begin at 6PM. You may want to stay in the afternoon for the count down for the night wave. Amazing activities will be happening on that time so be there! For other schedules, you may see it here.

Ms. Angela educating us about the importance of sunscreens

The next person was Angela Esteban, the assistant brand manager of  Beiersdorf Philippines. She spoke about the importance of using sunscreen and why we should choose & trust NIVEA.

In her presentation, she said that NIVEA is:

  • European Union compliant
  • Broad spectrum UVA-UVB
  • Immediate sun protection
  • Advanced collagen protect
  • Water resistant 
  • Non-sticky

Though most of the things she mentioned was discussed in a beauty workshop I attended before, it's nice to be reminded and to help inform others about it also.

In her presentation too, she showed us this very interesting video which I recommend you to watch. Angela mentioned that even though it's cloudy, since we live in a tropical country, we are still exposed in the sun therefore, we really need to sunscreen to protect us.

She informed us that with NIVEA's sunscreens, you no longer have to wait 20 minutes for it to set. Their sunscreens are water resistant but when it gets wet and you wipe yourself off, you have to re-apply. The recommended period for re-application is 2 hours.

Did you ever wonder too which of the sunscreen works best; the lotion or the spray? It's also something I wanted to know and I'm glad a guest asked her. She confirmed that there's no difference between the two. Both delivers the same result, it's just a matter of preference.

After their talk, there was a Q&A portion and then a raffle. They gave away something from Crimson Hotel, tickets for the upcoming #NIVEASlidefest and tickets for Breakout Philippines. Isn't that great?! I was very happy to be one of the lucky winners for the Breakout Philippines tickets! I'm already excited to bring my friends there!

FAQ's for participants:
  • You can wear anything (even onesies!) however, just make sure you don't have anything sharp in your body or clothing like buckles or zippers that can damage the slides.
  • There will be inflatables you can borrow during the event but if you have one you want to bring and use, you may do so.
  • Monopods are allowed as long as it is strapped in your hand and just make sure when you use it, you won't hit other participants.
  • Make sure too that any gadget you use for the event is waterproof.
  • Again, this is a rain or shine event. However, if there are advisories like storm, etc. they will be moving the event to another schedule with proper notice to public and participants.
  • There will be food partners and they encourage you to try them out instead of bringing your own food which may get spoiled.
  • There will be rinsing stations and change rooms during the event. There will be a baggage counter but they highly discourage participants to bring valuable items during the event.
  • For the rates and other information, you may check their website:

Blogger Squad for the #NIVEASlidefest
#NIVEASlidefest Loot Bag! Thanks Slidefest & Nivea for these items!

Who said that summer has to end along with the month of May? #SummerAintOver! We can enjoy the summer feel and activities through #NIVEASlidefest! So I should see you guys there, yeah?

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