That American Retro Vibe Lunch @ Biggs Diner, SM Lipa

Sep 17, 2015

I don't know about you but when I look for a place to eat, I would usually walk down the hall where most of the restaurants or fast food chains are to first check if there's an available seat. If there's a seat for me to dine in, I would then look at the menu to know if there's something I would want to order. Usually, that's just the two things I look at. However, it's quite different for Bigg's Diner in SM Lipa.


Though there was so much seats available, it wasn't what caught my attention; it is their interiors! Even without the seeing the menu, I have convinced myself to dine-in. I just wanted to experience this eating here. And though I have eaten in their SM Batangas branch, this branch at Lipa is much bigger and more brighter because of their decors.

Who would miss seeing this American retro ambiance when you walk pass their store? It's very inviting for someone like me who loves vintage stuff. I wonder where they get all these decors? It all did seem like legit collectible items.

I even thought that this was a franchise from an international food chain but would you believe that this store actually originates from the Bicol Region? Yes! It's a local brand! You can know more about their history here.

They really have very spacious space for diners. They were able to utilize the space wonderfully and though there are different decorations on the wall, they all look cohesive.

I wasn't able to go towards the back but I know there are more seats there. They also have a decent space outside the store for customers.

I also just wasn't able to take a photo of their toilet but it did also have that retro touch to it. Aside from its design, I'm glad they keep it clean for customers.

◢ FOOD ◣

I have tasted their cordon bleu at their SM Batangas branch so I wanted to try something different from their menu. I went for their pork kebabs this time.

I was surprised at how fast their serving was. The pork kebabs comes with rice and atchara. The Java rice was delicious; a lot better than the Batangas branch. While the pork kebabs were juicy and tender compared. I thought that the two sticks won't be enough for me but surprisingly, it was just enough to make me burp!

Aside from the two meals I have mentioned, they also have spaghetti, burger, chicken, steak and spare rib meals. They also have ample options for topsiders or side dishes.

The servings of their food are not small but enough for an individual. The price range starts from Php100 - Php450. Correct me if I'm wrong but as far as I can remember, their meals don't come with drinks yet. I partnered my kebabs with their iced tea and I loved it!


I had a satisfying brunch with them and I have yet to taste their other meals. I'm definitely visiting their Batangas branch again soon to double check if they deliver the same quality of food and service.

The entire store is Instagram worthy and dining here made me feel like I was able to travel to America which, by the way, has always been a dream of mine.

I just found out this branch have recently celebrated their 5th Year Anniversary! Happy Anniversary to Bigg's Diner SM Lipa! Don't forget to like them on Facebook ( for their upcoming promotions and other updates.

Do visit them at the ground floor for SM Lipa & SM Batangas. For their other stores in Camarines Sur & Naga City, please check them through their website:

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