Be Your Own Hero

Sep 5, 2015

Be Your Own Hero! It's a very challenging thing to do, isn't it? But we have to learn how to protect ourselves from crimes as it has been drastically increasing for the past months! It has gotten so worst that we can still be in danger even inside our homes.

We cannot always depend on authorities to protect us so we must find ways how we can protect ourselves and our loved ones at all times. Here's some of the tips I came up with:

How Can I Protect Myself or Loved Ones?

  1. Always tell your children never to speak or go with strangers.
  2. Buy your child and yourself a whistle.
  3. Learn self-defense. It may be costly but it's definitely worth it!
  4. Buy yourself a stungun or any self-defense items.
  5. Research and learn the different modus operandi across the country.
  6. Always have enough mobile credits to make an emergency call.
  7. If your phone has speed dial, make a use of it!
  8. If your child has a mobile phone, make sure your numbers are first on their contact list.
  9. Always charge your phones when going out; better if you have a powerbank.
  10. If someone attacks you for your belongings, don't dare try to fight back. Always think of your safety than your things.


  1. Limit talking with strangers!
  2. If you can fetch your child from school, do so or at least find someone who can.
  3. Always walk on crowded and lighted places.
  4. Always tell someone where you're off to and when you safely arrive in your destination.
  5. If someone tries to distract you, don't fall for it. Always be alert.
  6. Never let go of your child when in a public place.
  7. Make sure your child knows your (as parent) complete name and contact number.
  8. Do not go out very late at night if you'll be going home alone especially if you don't have your own transport.
  9. As much as possible, do not sleep when commuting to or from work/school.
  10. Always put your bag in front of you when walking on the streets.

  1. Always make sure the door is locked.
  2. Do not quickly trust anyone to enter your home.
  3. If you feel suspicious towards a person or vehicle near your place, ask for assistance.
  4. Always have enough mobile credits to make an emergency call. Or at least if you have a landline, make sure it's reachable for you.
  5. Have an alarm you can use to scare robbers away.
  6. Do not fall asleep with loud music or earphones on so you would know any unusual noises.
  7. Make sure you know the emergency hotlines for your area especially the guard house contact number if you're living in a subdivision or village.
  8. If your windows doesn't have grills, do not leave it open during the night.
  9. Always double check the locks of your home.
  10. Better to leave the lights outside open and keep the lights inside off so you can easily see anyone outside.


These are just a few tips I have in mind but if you have other suggestions you'd like to add, feel free to comment them below. Do also let me know what you think of these tips. Don't forget to share this post to your loved ones so they'd know how to protect themselves too! Thank you!


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