Cinemalaya 2015 Opening

Sep 16, 2015

It was my first time to attend a Cinemalaya Festival and it was also my first time to be at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I really have no idea how it looks like inside and I didn't know what to expect to watch there. I was just really excited for the entire experience.

We actually arrived late. The program have started; as you can see from the photo above. My friends were expecting we could score a good seat at the ground floor to also watch up-close the orchestra playing but because it was the opening ceremony and there's so many students that day too, the only seats left were on the top floor.

About 15-20 minutes, the film Taklub started. I knew that it was about the Yolanda tragedy but I really didn't have any idea how it would go on an indie film way. To be honest, as the film goes on, I kind of felt impatient. There were some scenes I already found unnecessary or scenes that were shot too long. But overall, I love the story of the film. The beginning of the film was somehow confusing but as the story progressed, we got what it was trying to tell us.

We had to go home late after this event but it was really worth it! Another experience I would cherich for a lifetime. I wanted to watch the other films however, because of limited budget that month (August) and the distance of CCP to my home, I had to pass. If they will be shown to cinemas soon or if they will issue DVD copies, I would love to watch them!

I hope that more people especially students support these kind of films instead of the commercial ones that usually speaks about broken hearts and mistresses! We have to support films that talk about lifestyle, government, environment, well-being and many more topics that have depth to it.

I'm looking forward the next Cinemalaya. My friends and I are actually thinking of producing a film we can use to compete also. I'm just so excited for that!


What indie film is your favorite?
Or what's your say on indie films?


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