Mama Mary's Prusisyon in Dasmariñas

Sep 13, 2015

I didn't know the that City of Dasmariñas celebrates Virgin Mary's birthday the way they did last September 8, 2015. I only found out about this prusisyon (procession) when I got off the van from Alabang.

This kind of processions aren't new to me as I've seen a couple in my dad's province but I've never seen a procession only composing different kinds of Virgin Mary's statues.

When I asked someone about it, she said that it's a yearly vow of the residents of Dasmariñas to bring their Mama Mary's statues to the church on her birthday, have it blessed and parade it for other residents to see. And I'm showing you a few of them:

These were just some of them. When I left, there were other bigger statues of Mama Mary that were arriving. If you come think of it, it's just inspiring at the devotion of the family that owns an almost life size statue at home. I couldn't stay longer to wait for the prusisyon but it would have been a great experience.

With all my heart I consecrated myself to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and asked her to watch over me. She seemed to look lovingly on her Little Flower and to smile at her again.

Have you seen or heard this kind of procession?


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