Brick Mansions Movie

Oct 9, 2015

I recently watched Brick Mansions via our cable provider and I honestly didn't know this was a film with Paul Walker in it. I think it was because this movie was overshadowed by his more popular movie series, Fast and Furious.

I really had no idea what the movie was about and I wanted to continue watching it simply because Paul's in it; yeah, you can call me a fan. Hehe.

After watching it, I checked the reviews of other websites or blogs and found how others were disappointed with this movie. It wasn't that disappointing for me because I enjoyed the movie but I think I get why others got disappointed.

I think others expected too much from this film because of its leading actor and based on my research, was a remake of another good movie. I do admit the movie didn't have the wow factor but it was entertaining; at least for me?

◢ the Story ◣
(spoiler alert)

At the beginning of the movie, the ex-convict  Lino (David Belle) was first shown in the scene. Later on, a gang that looked like drug dealers came to his apartment to see him. The next scenes were filled with gun shots, jumping and endless running.

The next scene, Paul Walker as Damien was shown as an undercover agent. Then a few more scenes later, the film discloses who he is and what he has been doing as an undercover agent.

Following that, he was called by some high officials to do an important job. He initially refused the job but when he saw who he has to capture, he was more than willing to do it.

To do the job faster and better, he had to find someone who was knowledgeable of the place and they suggested Lino. Damien tried to gain Lino's trust by pretending to be a prisoner too who wanted to escape to kill a man named Tremaine (RZA). He thought Lino fell for his pretensions but he was smart enough to know Damien was a cop. There were a few fighting scenes and arguments but eventually, they agreed to work together. And for the rest of the story, I'll let you watch it on your own to know what happened and what was his the job given to him.

◢ Things I Love About This Movie ◣

I really love how there was humor in this movie. I don't know if other viewers found it funny too but from half of the film towards the end, I was laughing at all the stupidity of the other gang members. To some movie critics, they found that ridiculous and say it ruined the movie more. Well, we all have different preferences. I guess I'm not that hard to please.

One more thing I liked about this movie is that it had less driving. It's quite refreshing to watch Paul Walker running and fighting than just driving away. Though there were really some instances I found myself waiting for Toretto (Vin Diesel of Fast & Furious) to come out in a fast car to save him. Lol.

◢ Overall 

As I said in the beginning, I found this movie entertaining though its not something I'll repeat watching. It was OK for a movie.

And I think one of the major reasons why some people hated it was because the plot of the story was very simple and quite predictable as it reached the end. If they gave it a low rating, I'm giving it a fair one: 7/10

Here's the trailer of the movie:


Have you seen Brick Mansions?
If you have, what do you think of it?
If you haven't, would you want to watch this movie too?


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