Buku Buku Kafe, The District Imus

Oct 22, 2015

I don't know about you guys but for some reason, I'm more productive in cafes. I like doing my blogging duties and other To-Dos there. Cafes are like my working space and my comfort zone (literally). However, most of the well-known coffee shops here in Cavite became noisy and so crowded that I lost connection from them. The feeling became so ordinary that I'd rather spend my day at home, making my own 3-in-1 coffee.

For weeks (or even months), I've been envious of my friends who are Instagramming their moments in different coffee shops in QC. I've always wished how we, CaviteƱos, should also have those concept cafes nearby. And you know what, I'm so happy to know and announce that my wish has been granted! A book cafe is now open in The District Imus and it's called Buku Buku Cafe.


This cafe is located at the ground floor of the Promenade Wing of The District Mall. It's not hard to find because the store is very eye-catching and near the entrance. They just opened (and still on their soft opening) last Saturday, October 17, 2015.

I was able to speak with one of the co-owners, Sir Nicholas Santiago and he told me more about the cafe. And even before I spoke to him, I already knew what buku or buku buku means because bahasa language was one of my subjects back in high school. But for those who doesn't know what buku is, it's means book. Combining the word makes it plural: buku buku = books.

They wanted to bring the book cafe concept to the South; that was the initial plan but as they were building this cafe, they had a better idea. And that is to make this cafe more than just a coffee shop or more than just a book cafe; It will serve as the haven for bookworms, local artists, or simply bringing family and friends closer. They made the store a hub for relaxation and interaction. That, I believe, makes them different from the other cafes in the area.

Why Buku Buku (as the name) you might ask. I thought that one of the co-owners was an Indonesian. Turns out, one of the co-owner's father works in Malaysia where bahasa is also spoken in. They chose Buku Buku as the name as it reflects the idea of their store, and also because it sounds good and unique. That explains why some of their menu had Malaysian flavors.


Even before you enter the store, you will be amazed at the interiors of this cafe. These geometric lamps and the industrial ambiance will welcome you. I'm sure you will not miss looking at the ceiling because of the treasures that hangs there.

Look up at those books! Seeing those brought me comfort and excitement. Though it was hard to look up while I tried to read the titles, I still find it really cute. There's a mixture of genres up there.

I really love the long table in the middle. It's not only good for groups; Having it in the center is like an invitation to customers to gather, share the table and meet other customers as well. But if you want to be alone, there are also some seats at the corners where you can have the quiet time for yourself.


You will see two tall book shelves at far end of the cafe. Presenting these books to customers somehow encourages them to take a copy, sit down, and read it. Any customer can borrow a book but there are rules to follow. Of course, you cannot take the books at home; you can only read them while your in the store.

For bookworms, this would be great opportunity to explore different genres and discover new books to read. Who knows, you might find your next favorite book in this shelf.


As mentioned earlier, they want this cafe to be a haven for not only families, friends, bookworms but also a place for local artists and products. They have handmade products and other local goods for sale in the store.

I love how Buku Buku Kafe helps uplift these artists and local brands. If you want to consign with them or anyone who might be interested, simply message Buku Buku in their Facebook page.

They also have board and card games available for customers. In the next months, they will bring more games and more activities for customers to enjoy. Watch out for the game nights!

They also have this Hugot Board where you can write anything. You can write about what you're going through, or you may want to acknowledge the great service of the staff or even quotes from the bible; as in anything under the sun. I can't wait to go back, write something and read what others have written as well.

And they also have this community board dedicated for those who wants to advertise something in the cafe. For more information, please contact them via Facebook.


Now, let's go to their menu! You'd love the variety of drinks here. Yes, some are similar to the existing cafes but I love the fact they also offer new beverages for CaviteƱos to try.

You might be surprised by the price but let me confirm to you that they are reasonably priced because the servings of their food and beverage are satisfying and worth the penny.

On our visit (I was with Jomar, a friend of mine), we had the Druken Pasta, Shitake Truffle, Thick Tuna Melt, Lychee-lemon soda and of course, an Ice Blended Mocha.

Shitake Truffle - Php195

Because I'm allergic to mushroom, I did not enjoy this pasta. But for those who loves mushroom, you will love this dish for sure. As my friend mixed the pasta, I strongly smelt the mushroom. I did take a bite. The mushroom taste was very dominant so I left it for my friend to finish.

Drunken Pasta - Php195
If you're wondering why it's called a Drunken Pasta, I think its because it has vodka on it. I love how the bread complimented the sauce however, sadly, I was not able to taste the vodka. But that doesn't change the fact that this was a nice dish.

Thick Tuna Melt - Php129
The thick tuna melt tasted similar to Century Tuna but the bread and the other ingredients on it made the difference. The serving, as you can see, is only good for one person but if you will be eating another dish along with it, this will be more than enough.

Ice Blended Mocha - Php185

This glass was really rich with mocha. Because we also had a Lychee-lemon soda, this was set aside for a while and eventually, lost its cold. Unlike other mocha I have tasted, after it had lost its cold state, it was almost impossible to finish because it tastes different already. But this mocha tasted the same even after the ice melted. It wasn't that too sweet either.


I had a great day at Buku Buku Kafe. The food and drinks were satisfying. The ambiance was the best which is the reason why I want to go back there. Why? Because I felt connected with this cafe. I can imagine myself spending my mornings and afternoons here; just blogging, coloring, reading and joining the activities that this store offers to its customers.

I'm looking forward their upcoming grand launch and other exciting events. Follow them in their social media accounts for updates!

Buku Buku is really more than just a coffee shop. It's a haven for creative minds and a paradise for book lovers. And for that, I definitely will be back... soon! ;)

NOTE: Credit card payments will be available as soon as their line is fixed.

Buku Buku Kafe

Location: Ground floor of the Promenade Wing,
The District Mall, Imus Cavite
Tel. No: (02) 551 4350

Follow them for updates!

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