Check Out These Beautiful Adult Coloring Cards From SM Dept Store

Oct 8, 2015

Adult coloring pastime has been on for a couple of months now and in the beginning, I didn't want to go with the trend. Why? Simple because the first books that were sold costed more then Php500 (US$11+). I didn't find it practical.

But because I saw very affordable coloring books from Booksale Bookstore, I bought one to try. I enjoyed coloring and after finishing that book I bought from them, I wanted buy a new one. It was quite addictive! Unfortunately, when I went back, there were no more adult coloring books available and they don't know when they will restock.

I went to National Bookstore to check if there will be affordable adult coloring books but was told all books were transferred to their new location (at the other side of the mall). When I was on the way there, I passed store shelves with so many adult coloring books located within the SM Department store! Funny it may sound, I felt my eyes sparkled! Haha!


I was assisted by a salesman and he was giving me the best-selling ones. But really, the first thing that caught my attention was the small square box that looked like a Secret Garden book. I asked him if I can take a look inside and as he opens a box, he explained that it was rather a dedication card than the typical adult coloring book.

You can either color it and use it as greeting cards for special occasions or you can keep it as it is, send to whoever you want and give them the liberty to color it.

Because the designs are on a thicker paper (almost board type), you can use markers to color it. However, because some templates are very detailed and the designs are small for the tips of the marker, it would be very challenging not to go outside the lines. It would be better to use Dong-A's Hexaplus Fineliners. I wanted to buy that however, the set is not available in the bookstore near me.

Second choice would be of course, color pencils! The result might look a little faded though.

To check the other designs included in the box, feel free to watch the video below.

Best viewed using HD (720p).
Play the video and pause as soon as the control buttons appear.
Tap the gear icon at the bottom right, click quality and choose 720p HD.
Click play again and enjoy the video.

It almost has the same templates from Secret Garden but what makes this different, in my opinion, is that you can give it away or you can even display it in your room after finishing; something you can't do with the the book because it's hard to peel off pages.
This box costed Php99.75 (US$2.17) and has a total of 24 pages. I bought this in SM DasmariƱas Department store. I'm just not sure if its also available in other SM stores.
Are you also into coloring recently?
If you are, will you buy this too?

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