Check Who Follows You In Instagram

Oct 28, 2015

There's so many ways on how to check if the person is following you or not. There are heaps of free apps you can download but just like us, apps are not perfect. They can provide wrong information and the best way to check its accuracy is through other apps as well.

But for me, when I want to confirm if the person who keeps liking my photos is my follower, I run to Webstagram for help. I never fails to give me the right data ever since I started using it.
Here's a simple tutorial how to check if the person is following you or not via Webstagram:

2. Log In

3. Type the username in the search box

4. Check the list, find the right account and open it.

5. You will below the follow/following button if that user is also following you.

Best Used In:

             1. Giveaways. You may validate one's entry if he or she really followed your account.

             2. Knowing Your Followers. You must know who your followers are. You have to interact
                 with them to keep them. They are like customers you have to retain. Open discussions
                 or simply thank them for following. Know why they have followed you. Interaction will
                 help you grow your brand more.

             3. Facebook Groups. There are a lot of groups in Facebook for bloggers where you can ask
                 support for Instagram follow but since you cannot monitor your notifications 24/7,
                 Webstagram will help you check if those who left their username for you to follow is 
                 already following you or not yet. You'll know who to return the favor to.

             4. Find You Stalkers. If someone keeps liking your photos, you can check if that user is
                 actually following you. Because if not, then you have just found a stalker! Lol.

Well, I don't know how else Webstagram will become handy for you but at least now, you know where to go and how to check if the person is following you or not. Who knows when you'll need this right? At least now you know. ;)


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