Free Taste of Starbucks' Duo Cocoa Mocha

Oct 4, 2015

It's not just chocolate. It's

Yesterday, as I was spending my morning at Starbucks SM Dasma, they gave out free taste of their new beverage called the Duo Cocoa Mocha.

According to their website:

The new Duo Cocoa Mocha blends the smooth and velvety flavors of dark and white chocolate with the roasty sweetness of our signature espresso. This chocolate lover’s heaven is perfected with chocolate whipped cream, indulgent mocha drizzle and crunchy cocoa nibs.

There's another one called the French Vanilla Latte.

The French Vanilla Latte returns with rich, full-bodied sweetness and exquisite buttery aroma - infused with creamy French Vanilla sauce, freshly steamed milk and fragrant vanilla bean sprinkles. Invoke warm coffeehouse memories with this offering of ambrosial delight.
I have yet to try French Vanilla Latte. As for the new Duo Cocoa Mocha, it did taste more chocolate than ever. I usually order iced tea or their mocha frappe; now I have this new duo cocoa mocha to try for this month.


What's your favorite Starbucks' handcrafted beverage?


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