Cozy Merienda at Jovita Cafe

Oct 13, 2015

When you look for a place to hang out with friends, where do you go to? Nowadays, it's coffee shops, right? Gone are the days when group of friends hang out in fast food chains or 24/7 convenience stores. People are more drawn to cozy chill cafes with free wifi.
But we don't just go to any coffee shop we want; we go to one of the best in the area with enough space to hang out in. And the best I've gone to in Batangas City is Jovita Cafe.

I'm not familiar with their meals so I asked my #CuteFriend who has been dining there to recommend something. She said that their Carbonara is the must-try so that's what I ordered.

I used to love carbonara but for some reason, I stopped eating that dish. I did try to eat carbonara after a while from other cafes but it doesn't seem to satisfy me. When I tried Jovita's Carbonara, I suddenly fell in love with it. It wasn't too creamy and the pasta was well-cooked; texture wasn't that too soft unlike others which obviously was overcooked. The chicken was delicious on its own too. It definitely was a must try.

My friend ordered a breakfast meal, Lechon Kawali. I wasn't able to ask her that time how the food was because we were talking about something else. Hehe. But I guess it was delicious because she was able to finish all. Besides, it already looks tasty right?

We ordered their fruiteas: the largest size of the Green Apple & Mint and the Watermelon & Kiwi which costs Php125 or US$2.72 each. The Green Apple & Mint tasted like a Double Mint Gum, seriously! It was a refreshing drink for a humid day. While the Watermelon & Kiwi tasted sweet and had that distinctive taste that I can't describe.

Aside from pastas and breakfast meals, they also offer salads, soups, sandwiches, starters and other baked goods such as these muffins and cakes. They also have Sola Ice Teas, beer, bottled waters and their other hand-crafted beverages (see menu in the price section).

Because we stayed longer to wait for our other friends, I ordered another drink which was their Dark Citrus JFrappe (Jovita Frappe). The tallest size costed Php150 or US$3.26. For Filipinos, if you have tasted Bingo's Orange Biscuit, it tasted similar to that. It tasted like an orange biscuit blended with dark chocolate, cream and ice.


The ambiance is very homey and very open. As you can see, the cafe was really spacious and a lot of tables & chairs are available for individual or group customers. There were other available seats outside the cafe.

The air-conditioning wasn't that strong but it doesn't make the cafe hot for customers. There were some corners that are much hotter so they provide portable air-conditioner. Thumbs up for that!

The interiors of the cafe isn't overly decorated like the other fancy coffee shops we know of but at least it isn't that plain and boring.

They have one gender-neutral toilet for customers which was plain, clean & functional.


The prices of their drinks are cheaper compared to the leading (and branded) coffee shops in the area while their food, I believe, are reasonably priced.

Their service was average. The staff smiles when a customer approaches the counter or when they are serving orders. They are accommodating with customer requests though they are not that cheerful. I guess, I was just used to other coffee shops where the staff are bubbly and chatty.


I was satisfied with my visit. I had that feeling that I got the value of my money from the food and drinks I ordered and it would be the reason why I'll be back; to try their other offerings. There's so much more to try from them.


Free wifi? Yes. Though when we went, the connection was slow.
Power sockets? When I was looking around the place, I don't remember seeing power sockets where customers can charge their gadget.
Accepting credit cards? I'm not 100% sure but based on their Facebook page, they are cash basis only.
Toilet? Yes. They have a gender-neutral toilet available.
Parking? Yes. They have enough parking for customers.

Business Hours: Monday–Sunday: 8am–11pm
Address: Diversion Road, Sta. Clara, Batangas City, Philippines (near BSU)
Telephone Number: 043-984 4776


From their menu, which drink of food would you like to try first?


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