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Oct 14, 2015

I went to an event the other day and because I got off the bus in Ayala Station, I had to pass Landmark to get A Space Manila. As I was walking pass the mall, I saw piles of notebooks and other stationery products near the entrance/exit. But because I was quite running late, I decided to look around after the film showing.

As soon as the film showing ended, I went to Landmark to check out the notebooks! There was that notebook I saw that never left my thoughts: that white small notebook with a cat on it! Haha! I'm such a cat lover and almost any merchandise that has a cat on it really appeals to me.

I thought it would cost more than a hundred pesos but when I looked at the price, it was just Php89.75 (US$1.96)! This is a 80-page ruled notebook by Joytop with a size of 147 x 197mm. There are other designs (animals) available such as a dog, a horse and a bear. You can view them here. The notebook is called Hello Animals.

After getting myself a piece of that notebook, I went to look around and found other items such as these very beautiful tin cans. I'm really a fan of floral items so automatically looked at the price and saw that it was just Php149.75 (US$3.26). It is a blank notebook with a total of 116 pages; 16 of which are craft paper with a size of 130 x 180 mm. The book is called In the Mood for Love.

Hello Animal (left) & In the Mood for Love (right)
Before heading to the counter, I saw a big blue-orange cute looking pencil case. I badly need one for my new coloring pencils and other adult coloring materials so I checked other colors. The first color was already okay but I still checked the other colors for I may find something more appealing. And I did!

I find this green-brown combination more cute! Hehe. I love the materials used in this pouch; love the woven-like design too! The leather at the edge may not be authentic leather but its not that obvious. Hopefully, it won't torn out easily.

The collection of this pencil case is called The Seafarer which was priced at Php139.75 (US$3.06). The size of this pouch is 9" x 4" and it can contain about 36 pieces (and more) coloring pencils or pens. Other colors available are red (leather: darker red), blue (leather: orange), brown (leather: blue) and this color, green (leather: brown).

I've very happy with my purchases because if you think of it, it's much cheaper to buy stationeries (especially notebooks!) from Landmark compared to the other known bookstores which sells similar notebooks for about 300+ pesos.

If you happen to be in Ayala Makati area, I do recommend that you visit Landmark's department store to check their affordable items - may it be school supplies, fashion items and many other products.


Where do you usually buy your school/office supplies?


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