Let's Help Direk Joel Ferrer Finish His Film

Oct 11, 2015

Yesterday, I had the chance to watch nine (9) short films at A Space Manila. This was a film showing fundraising for Direk Joel Ferrer to help him finish his film, Baka Siguro Yata (BSY). The film is an entry to the 2015 Cinema One Originals Film Festival.

As stated in their Facebook, "Baka Siguro Yata is a comedy drama which revolves around Carlo, a 29-year old unambitious graphic designer whose only passion is to play music with his co-unambitious long-time friends. After discovering that his girlfriend of 6 years is a lesbian, he seeks to find refuge on a one-night stand with a high school classmate named Melissa. However, Melissa gets pregnant which in turns everything in disarray. Melissa’s sister and her boyfriend mulls over their planned first sex but gets cold feet due to what happened to her sister. Carlo’s divorced parents, on the other hand, discreetly starts seeing each other as they rekindle their 20 year old relationship by having an affair and secret meetings while they cheat on their new partner. Baka Siguro Yata tells a story of love within three generations. It tells how each generation understand and perceive the idea of love."

BSY is composed of great actors and actresses namely Boo Gabunada, Katrina "Hopia" Legaspi, Valerie "Bangs" Garcia, Dino Pastrano, Cherie Gil and Ricky Davao (L-R). Other talented actors/actresses are also in the movie: Chanel Latorre, Anna Luna, Alex Medina, Nicco Manalo and Jerald Napoles.

Back to the film showing...

I will be sharing with you the movies I watched and what I think of them. I will not be sharing the story with you because I want you to see it for yourself. Besides, I'm no film critic.

◢ Abot Kamay by Victor Kaiba Villanueva ◣

This film showcases a young deaf beautiful lady who aspires to become an actress. It's a funny and light movie to watch to set the mood. I love how the film encourages deaf persons to pursue their dreams. And I love how it inspires family members of deaf persons to be supportive.

◢ Ang Nanay ni Justin Barber by Victor Kaiba Villanueva ◣

When Giselle Sanchez was shown in the screen for the next film, I knew it would be a comedy. For almost half of the film, it was as expected funny and surprisingly serious and dramatic at the end. The movie will leave you thoughts about opportunity and motherhood to reflect on after.

◢ Lisyun Qng Geografia by Petersen Vargas ◣

I didn't expect this film to be how it turned out to be. It was a very serious, and a bit nostalgic. Though this is not the kind of film I enjoy watching (too dramatic), I still found myself smiling at some scenes. 

◢ Asan si Lolo Me Sari Estrada ◣

Another short film full of humor; very entertaining. The cute little kid was just so adorable! This film shows how the characters deal with family losses. Death is often a sad thing to portray so kudos to the entire team behind this short film for successfully making a typically serious topic a lighter one.

◢ Pusong Bato by Martika Ramirez Escobar ◣

When you hear the words Pusong Bato (stoned heart), do you, as Filipinos, automatically think of that recent popular song too? Some people have labelled the song corny or jeje. And because this film bears a title like that song, I thought it would be baduy but surprisingly, it was a serious thought about love. There were some funny parts too.

◢ Sa Ngalan ni Ultimate Warrior by Miko Livelo ◣

Though the main casts of this short film were kids, it doesn't mean other older audiences won't enjoy it. You might find yourself reminiscing those younger years when you played outside with friends the whole day. This film too tackles about loss and guardianship.

◢ Saranghae My Tutor by Victor Villanueva ◣

This was the funniest short film! It was about an English tutor who fell in love with his colleagues' Korean student. The main actor, Teacher Ben, was just naturally funny. This film tells us that oftentimes, the real people meant for us are just within our reach... we just don't notice them because we are too busy focusing on the wrong people.

◢ Panty by Timmy Harn ◣

This is another serious film that needs deep thinking. I was confused of what it was trying to communicate. I don't know if I was just overthinking but I know that everything shown in this film was a metaphor of something. With all honesty, I'm still figuring it out! If you happen to have seen this short film, please do comment your understanding about it.

DISCLAIMER: The photo used in this section is not from the film. I couldn't find a photo or any visuals from that movie so I just grabbed one from google.

◢ Sanctissima by Kenneth Dagatan ◣

I like this kind of films though this was somehow uncomfortable to watch! It was very suspense and very interesting. I also didn't expect the ending! If you haven't seen this, well then you should! But if you have a weak stomach to quite disgusting visuals, it's all up to you. Bravo to the writer, director and the rest of the crew that produced this terrifying film.

These are really interesting and entertaining short films to catch and watch. They will be having another film showing this coming Friday. Refer to the details below:

When: October 16, 2015 at 6:30PM
Where: Black Kings Bar x Cafe (Westlife Building, 107 West Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines)
Price: Tickets will be sold at the event for Php250 and Php200 for students
Why: Because it is worth it! Not only will you be able to watch these beautiful films, you also will be able to contribute to the completion of another great film.

Let's us do help Direk Joel Ferrer finish his film.
Share some love and support local film makers!

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