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Oct 31, 2015

Can you read the title 5x quickly? Haha! That's a tongue twister I came up with for the new app I will be introducing to you guys. The app obviously is called HotelQuickly and it's for booking hotels across Asia-Pacific. The app is free and can be downloaded from both iOS and Android phones. So you might ask... what's the difference from the other booking apps? Read on!

Did you have this experience too?

Whenever we travel, we would usually book ahead of time - 6 months to 1 year before our chosen vacation date. Why? Simply because we want to score a good deal for the tickets and hotel rooms. But the thing is, it could be a little complicated sometimes.

You know how you're pressured to choose a hotel that fits your budget just to grab that discounted rate? Oftentimes, because of that pressure, we actually miss the greatest deals which comes a few days or weeks after your booking just because we thought it was already the best deal. Or worst, we end up checking in a hotel that we are not fully comfortable in.

Why go through that stress if you can download and use HotelQuickly? But before I go to that, allow me to share with you my dream destinations.

Dream Travel Destinations

These are the destinations across the Asia-Pacific I've always dreamed of going to. Feel free to share your travel destinations too on the comment box at the end of this post (kindly wait for Disqus to load). Let's check if your dream destination has HotelQuickly partners. Or you can easily download the app to check the countries. ;)

Bali (Uluwatu), Indonesia

As we all know, Bali has great beaches and views of the ocean. This particular view is what I'm saving up for. I can imagine myself standing there like that lady except that I'd have a selfie stick or a tripod with me. Haha!

Siam Reap, Cambodia

Growing up in a country wherein majority of its people are Roman Catholics, visiting temples such as the Bayon Temple would be very interesting. It will help me discover and understand the culture and beliefs they have in their own land.

Bangkok, Thailand

Asian countries are very good at trade and one of the known markets in Asia is the floating markets in Bangkok. Aside from the temples and the shopping, this is really one of the tourist spot I will not miss when I go.

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Most of the people I know that went to Hong Kong would post more of their moments in Disneyland. If I get the chance to go, I would post about the Big Buddha in Lantau Island. I would of course still go to Disneyland but it's not the attraction I came for... rather, it's the big statue of the sage.

Champasak, Laos

Just like Cambodia, I want to explore Laos' temples. I'm really interested and easily amazed with Asian temples because of their structural designs. I'm sure they weren't made the way they are now just to look good on photos after hundred of years. There are stories behind each and that's what I'm dying to know.

Marina Bay, Singapore

Though I have been to Singapore a couple of times already, it would be great to finally get a chance to stay in Marina Bay Sands and just look at Singapore City Skyline. I'm acrophobic but I would face that fear for this kind of view and experience.

Gold Coast, Brisbane

I have friends who has been to or who lives in Gold Coast and whenever they talk about it, I feel so jealous. I'm no surfer but I'm definitely a beach bum. I can imagine myself just enjoying the ocean breeze with the view of hot male surfers while drinking my frozen fruit daiquiris from Longboards.

Coron, Palawan, Philippines

Of course, before I go overseas, I have to explore the beautiful tourist destinations in my own country. Palawan was recently awarded as the world's best island and Coron is one of the many places in the province which both local and international tourists come for. I hope our trip to Palawan early next year pushes through.

So what's stopping me?

Well, I do not have that much money to travel to these places yet. I'm still in the process of saving up and I will not book a hotel now only to cancel later because plans have changed or my savings are not enough to support me in my travel.

Similar & Unique at the same time

And that's why I'm very happy to know about HotelQuickly!

Just like the usual booking site or app, you need a Paypal, credit card or at least a debit card to book a hotel. But what makes this different is that HotelQuickly is pioneering the last-minute booking app. Yes, you heard it right! Last-minute booking! They have partnered with different hotels and they provide the best possible accommodation deals for travelers.

I no longer worry about my hotel booking because I can book in the last minute and still be sure that I get the best deals online. I can continue saving up for my travels and book once I'm all set for it.

This app too becomes really handy for those whose flight might have been cancelled. They can easily find the best hotels in the area for a discounted price. Travelers can choose choose what type of hotel they prefer and easily see which ones have big discounts.

I tried checking the hotel recommendations for Bali. Let's say I decided to leave for Bali today, here are HotelQuickly's recommended accommodations:

See how great the discounts are for a last-minute booking? You definitely won't get this kind of discounts from other booking apps or sites as it will usually give you  the regular or even higher rates because you're booking late.

Another thing you should know about HotelQuickly:

Let me explain this further. Since when you book late for a hotel using this app, you cannot choose the type of room because the room you will get are the unused rooms of that hotel. You see, most hotels have unused rooms (unoccupied) which app users can easily book with discount. No matter what room is available - standard or suite - the hotel will give us that room to stay in. If you directly go to the hotel to book that unused room, they will more likely require you to pay its full price (or higher).

We get discount and the hotel still earns from the unused room. This is the partnership HotelQuickly has with the top-rated hotels. Cool right?

Wait! There's more!


You can earn free nights! After sign-up, you will find your personal promo code under free nights section of the menu bar. Share this code to your friends and when they redeem it, they will get a 600 PHP credit while you will get a 40 PHP. When they book a hotel, you'll automatically get 600 PHP!

Your friend can only redeem once (of the 600PHP credit). If he or she redeems your code, s/he cannot redeem other's code to earn again. Rather, s/he'll have to promote and share his/her own personal code to others for them to redeem while s/he gets 40 PHP in return.

But as the account holders, we are not restricted to one redeemer. Our other friends can still redeem our code after they sign-up. We can also redeem another user's code but only once.

The credits we earn from these applications will be the credits we will use to get those free nights. That's so cool, isn't it?! Here's my promo code if you want to get a Php600 credit. :)

Looking forward my first trip with HotelQuickly!

I'm very excited for my next travel especially that #HotelQuickly is available in my dream destinations. More than that, I'm excited to share this app to my born-traveler friends and to my family who may need this one way or the other.

Please do not forget: Quickly book a hotel with HotelQuickly. Share this tongue twister to your friends and tell them about this app too.

And do not forget to follow them in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+ or visit their website (https://www.hotelquickly.com/) for update sand more details.

I hope to see you in my travels!

Let's connect and be friends!

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim ownership to the travel photos used in this post. These are the sources of each photo: Bali, Siam Reap, Bangkok, Lantau Island, Champasak, Marina Bay, Gold Coast, Coron and the cover of this blog post. Other photos are screen shots from the application.

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