Where Are The Like Notifications?

Oct 16, 2015

If you're managing a Facebook page for a client or even for yourself (your personal brand), you may wonder why Facebook says you have a new fan (like) but you can't seem to view who it is. Here's the best answer to that question:

• Your fans' settings are set private.

This is the common reason why page moderators don't see who have liked the Facebook page. Some users prefer to keep their activities in Facebook private by setting their privacy settings to "Only Me".

Facebook gave their users the opportunity to choose which specific activities they want to share to public, to their friends or which ones they want to  keep for themselves. When I say activities, it is those activities or features found within your profile's about section such as friends, photos, videos, likes, and so on.

You can view the fans whose privacy settings are set for friends or public however, there's no other way you can view those whose settings are private.

» how to view your fans/likers as page admin «

1) Go to or log in to the page as admin
2) Click Settings.

3) Settings page will appear. Click People and Other Pages. Once clicked, you will automatically see those who have liked your page.

» how to change your privacy settings as user «

1) Go to your Facebook profile. Click About section.

2) Once the page loads, scroll down and find the Likes section.

3) Click the small edit icon found at the top right corner of the Likes section.
4) Click Edit Privacy.
5) It will show you these options. You may choose which among these categories you want to show public, to friends or for yourself only.

Setting any of these categories to public/friends will make your name appear in the page's notification area. Example: You have set the privacy setting of Websites to Friends or Public. When you like a page that classified itself as a website, your name will appear on their notification section (People Who Like This Page). If you leave it to Only Me, the page admins will have no idea you liked them but your like will be added to their fans count.

Did You Know?

• Your page can be liked by another page.

YES! A page can like other pages. However, liking a page doesn't increase the like count or stats. It simple likes the page. So you may ask, what's the use of it then? Well, to some companies, brands or social media moderators, it's one easy way to monitor other Facebook pages which they get inspiration from; it can also be their sub-brand or a company they are associated with. 

For bloggers like me, it's a great feature to use which can showcase the brands or companies I've worked with or I'm loyal to. It appears like this in my page's timeline:

You can find this located at the bottom left of a Facebook page, usually under visitor post. Further details about this will be provided in a separate post which will be posted next week. For now, here's a short tutorial how to view the pages that liked your page.

» how to view the pages that liked your page «

1) Follow the first steps of how to view the people who like your page.
2) Click the drop down option (People Who Like This Page) and choose Pages That Like This Page.

3) Once clicked, it will automatically show you which pages have liked your page. You can also check your subscribers and even those you have banned from your page.

What's the use of knowing the pages that likes my page? It's important to know which pages follow you. They might be a competitor or can also be potential partners in future campaigns. Connect with other pages because that connection will help you increase your brand's page traffic and may even lead to profitable relationships.

• You can only view the recent 250 fans of a page.

Remember that you can only view the recent 250 fans or likes of a page. If you have continuous page likes and traffic, you may not be able to view every person who likes it, unless of course, you're 24/7 monitoring and refreshing the admin's page.

Numerous requests and debates are made in different forums about this limitation. But personally, I think being able to view 250 fans is enough. Moderators will just have to manually create a database of their fans if they really want to keep track on all of them.

“Why do I have to know this?”

If you manage a Facebook page, you will need to know who your fans are. You can get a fair idea of which market or which kind of people the page taps. Also, you can reach out to these people using a separate Facebook profile (since you cannot send messages using the page) for some of your marketing strategies and many other uses.

As for those who are just regular users in Facebook, this is a general knowledge for you - esp to those who loves to join contests or giveaways. Do not forget to change your privacy settings to Friends so your efforts will be counted. If you don't, when contest/giveaway hosts manual check entries or even when they use a system such as rafflecopter, gleam, etc., the checker nor the system may not be able to read your entry because it has been blocked by your privacy settings. Eventually, you loses the chance of winning.


I hope I was able to share some knowledge through this post.
If you have additional inputs or suggestions related to this topic,
feel free to comment it below.

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