I recently created a blog series which will be called YOU BLOG YOU. You know how the phrase "You Do You" means you do your thing? That's almost the same as saying You Blog You: you blog about yourself as a blogger. So how will this go? You can know more about this here.

Before I saw the TVC about Maybelline's Nationwide Crazy Sale, I already knew about it when we visited a Watson's branch in SM Calamba. Indeed, a lot of products are on sale and some are really almost 50% off! The said sale will be until December 31, 2015.

We got a chance to dine in at Balay Dako the other week because my dad's friends came over to our house and wanted to bring their Papua New Guinean colleague to Tagaytay that night. Since they're not familiar with the roads in our area going to Tagaytay, and where to eat there, they asked my dad for assistance. I just went with my dad so he won't have to go home alone.

Balay Dako wasn't really our first choice. We have been dining in Leslie's and Bali Seafood Paluto. We have tried them a couple of times already and have always been satisfied with the quality of food and service. Those experiences makes us confident to bring our foreign friends there.

The Liebster Award is basically an award given by a blogger to a fellow blogger. This blog tag helps us discover new blogs, encourages us to interact and build a community where we can all learn from one another.

I was very happy and thankful that Cess, tagged me. This would be a great opportunity to know more about the bloggers I come across with in various Facebook groups and also a chance for me to share a little more about myself.

Adult coloring books has been trending across the country for quite some time now. New and more books are being sold online or in-stores. Most of those books compose animals, mandals, garden, patterns, cities, and recently, fashion illustrations. I own quite a few already and I must admit, it can get boring overtime. When I color, I switch from one book to another because I easily get bored with the templates because they all look the same anyway.

I own a Paris Secret adult coloring book and is by far my favorite because it was really consistent with the theme/title of the book. It was like a book that talks about Paris - its places, products and fashion. I secretly wondered why I haven't seen or heard of a coloring book that show Philippine heritage or culture. Then one day, a good friend of mine spoke about his friend who was in the process of creating a coloring book. I didn't know that it was be the book I was looking for.

I was just passing by SM Dasmariñas when I saw this colorful container of candies. I can't help but to stop to look at it. Even from a far, I knew that the candy was jelly-gummy-like because of the visible texture. And looking at the packaging that says it's a product from Thailand, I became more interested at how it would taste like.

We were scheduled to attend a baptism at Sampaloc Manila last Sunday, November 15, 2105. We are not used to the streets of Manila so we decided to look for a place to stay-in the night before (November 14) to save the travel from Cavite to Manila. It turns out we had a good decision because of the hassle traffic caused by the closed roads for the APEC 2015.

We were quite worried we wouldn't find an affordable and accessible hotel room in Manila; since we were booking morning of November 14. As I was researching through Google for affordable hotels in Manila, I came across Red Planet's website. Because my Dad is more familiar with Ermita area, we chose that branch for our overnight stay. I was impressed at how affordable their rates were given the fact that we were booking less than 8 hours before the check-in time that day.
kulay pinoy coloring book

Jomar, a good friend of mine, knew I was into adult coloring books and mentioned to me that he has a friend who is the process of publishing a coloring book. He wasn't able to explain to me fully what the book will be about or how it would look like so it did not really catch my attention. But when I found out it had a Pinoy touch to it, I quickly went gaga over it.

Just been really busy (and sick!) the past days so I wasn't able to create a post for this. It may be late to share this now but it's better late than never. :)

Last November 1, I was busy for the arrival of my parents because I will be picking them up at the airport. I knew that the it was going to be a cold drive so I wanted to wear a hoodie. However, because I have gained weight from the past months, my jackets and even knits didn't fit me anymore. I checked the SM Department Store but most of the hoodies were above my budget. I have decided then to just wear a long sleeves shirt until I walked pass Artwork T-Shirts Philippines, SM Dasmariñas branch. I found out they were having a sale at that moment and when I asked their ever so accommodating staff if they had hoodies, they showed me these.


From November 13 to December 4, 2015, all single transaction orders worth a minimum of P500 placed every Friday from 10 AM to 11 PM will serve as a raffle entry to win the weekly cash prizes:

November 13 – P10,000
November 20 – P20,000
November 27 – P30,000
December 4 – P40,000

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