Aloi Thai Jelly Candy with Mallow

Nov 19, 2015

I was just passing by SM DasmariƱas when I saw this colorful container of candies. I can't help but to stop to look at it. Even from a far, I knew that the candy was jelly-gummy-like because of the visible texture. And looking at the packaging that says it's a product from Thailand, I became more interested at how it would taste like.

I though this candy would be super sweet because of all the sugar you can see from it but it didn't turn out to be as sweet as I expected it to be. I did love how it wasn't that sweet because it made itself enjoyable to chew. You will not be over-satiated because of the wonderful balance of taste and texture.

This candy was priced Php69.75 or roughly US$1.48. Not bad, right?! I will definitely buy this again. It's way affordable than those jelly candies from famous candy stalls.


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