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Nov 13, 2015

Last November 1, I was busy for the arrival of my parents because I will be picking them up at the airport. I knew that the it was going to be a cold drive so I wanted to wear a hoodie. However, because I have gained weight from the past months, my jackets and even knits didn't fit me anymore. I checked the SM Department Store but most of the hoodies were above my budget. I have decided then to just wear a long sleeves shirt until I walked pass Artwork T-Shirts Philippines, SM DasmariƱas branch. I found out they were having a sale at that moment and when I asked their ever so accommodating staff if they had hoodies, they showed me these.

I was already happy to find a hoodie with a design I like but I became happier to know that it was included in their sale! I was initially torn between the two because I wanted to buy them both. I thought I couldn't afford it. But when the saleslady told me it was priced at Php250 (roughly $5.31) each, I immediately asked if they still had bigger sizes. Fortunately, they had the sizes I wanted so I ended up buying the two (2) designs. How cool, right? I only realized that this was a real steal when I saw the tag which states that these hoodies were formerly priced at Php1,000!!! Woohoo!

As far as I know, they only have these two (2) designs. I'm one of the many who are waiting for Artwork to release a Heneral Luna or Artikulo Uno inspired hoodies or shirts (even bags!). Hope they create a collection for him too.

You should always visit Artwork boutiques. They have a great selection of t-shirt designs + other fashion items and usually have sale items which you'll fall in love with for sure; just like these hoodies!

Leggings: Uniqlo
Oxfords: Celine
Wrist watch: LoveHopeFaith


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