Vermailene Barrios' Kulay Pinoy Coloring Book Launch

Nov 14, 2015

kulay pinoy coloring book

Jomar, a good friend of mine, knew I was into adult coloring books and mentioned to me that he has a friend who is the process of publishing a coloring book. He wasn't able to explain to me fully what the book will be about or how it would look like so it did not really catch my attention. But when I found out it had a Pinoy touch to it, I quickly went gaga over it.

Just been really busy (and sick!) the past days so I wasn't able to create a post for this. It may be late to share this now but it's better late than never. :)

Tomorrow, November 14, 2015 will be Vermailene Barrios' Kulay Pinoy Coloring Book for Adults book launch at Cab Cafe, Kapiltoyo  Pasig starting from 1PM-5PM. Please refer to the poster below for further details:

Aside from the book launch, there will be a basic coloring workshop using markers and pencils by the illustrator herself, Vermailene Barrios. Also, there will be auctions for her colored pages and other artists' work too. The starting bid for each will be Php200. A huge part of the proceeds will be donated to PGH Pediafair Coloring Activity for Ill Kids on December 10, 2015 while the title page will be raffled off and will not be part of the auction.

Title Page

For Auction








I'm still currently sick and I hope to make it tomorrow for the launch. If you want to see updates about the book launch or if you want to order Kulay Pinoy Coloring Book, you can order online through her Facebook page.

Let's support local artists. Let's support Vermailene Barrios. RSVP here. Limited seats available.

Let's connect and be friends!

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