Aloi Thai Candies

Dec 12, 2015

If you're following this blog, you may have seen my post about this candy before. I really loved it so I went back to SM Department store to buy a new one. Unfortunately, when I went there, it was sold out. It took my a couple more visits before they displayed new stocks. And it was only then that I found out, there were other designs.

I bought the other two designs and tried them out. These hearts were not as sweet or tasty as the circle/swirl ones probably because it was smaller. The white part of the candy was almost tasteless if it weren't for the sugar from the colored part.

I like these swirls that the other one. It had more jelly and sweet taste than the hearts. One more thing I like about this is that it's bigger so I can take 2-3 bites from a piece.

I suggest that if you're planning to buy a jelly candy for your afternoon class or for your overtime at work, go for this one as it's much affordable plus it comes in a very durable container which you can bring anywhere. :)


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