Bean and Butter Cafe at Lancaster New City

Dec 13, 2015

My mom, together with my dad, were invited to a site visit yesterday at Lancaster New City which is just about 30 minutes drive from our home. I was not suppose to come with them but because we had to go to S&R Imus right after, it would be a hassle to come back home to pick me up. Before I agreed, I searched Google to find if there's a cafe I can stay in while they go on with their activities. I was happy to know that a Bean and Butter Cafe exists in the area.


The staff were very friendly and accommodating while the cafe is not that spacious but it was decent and quiet. The interiors are simple and the mural made the place look colorful. There's a nice amount of natural light coming from the outside which makes the entire place cozy.

A free wifi connection is available for their customers but unfortunately, during my visit, I couldn't search their network. I was not able to connect even on my mobile phone.

If you're planning to do some work and would need it, I suggest you find the seats near the bar and near the glass window as these are the areas with a power socket. I'm just not sure if they have one near the couch.

I was not able to ask if they accept credit cards but because they issued unofficial receipts, I assume they only accept cash payments for now.

This cafe is located at Unit 3 Lancaster Square, Advincula Road, Alapan IIB, Imus, Cavite. They are open everyday (Monday to Sunday), 9AM - 9PM.

◥ MENU and PRICE ◤

Below is their menu. As you can see, they have pretty affordable hot/iced drinks and so are their pasta and sandwiches. However, I do find their Frappe a little pricey because it's almost the same price as the leading international coffee brand.

I checked their Instagram and Facebook and saw that they also offer Tapsilog. But I think it was not available when I visited them yesterday.


I ordered a Dark Mocha Frappe, a Grilled Cheese Sandwich and a Chunky Tomato Pasta.

The Dark Mocha was almost just like a regular mocha frappe. It was a nice drink to have for a hot sunny day. Though it did not meet my expectation of a dark mocha and though it was a little pricey for my opinion, it was still a drink worth having.

After the frappe was served, the Grilled Cheese followed. I'm a cheese lover so I usually want my grilled cheese to be really cheesy but that was not what I got. I had a toasted sandwich that looked like a belgian waffle. It was very toasted and I can't taste the cheese at all.

That's why I ordered a pasta instead because i was really hungry; I wasn't able to get some breakfast before leaving home. The Chunky Tomato Pasta did taste good. It was served with a small garlic bread. I thought the sauce wouldn't be enough but it was just the right amount for the pasta because it was very flavorful.

When my parents were done with their site tour, they went to meet me at the cafe. My dad ordered their cappuccino. According to him, the taste was good however, it was not that hot at all; he was able to finish it quickly. And the serving was too small. My dad expected that the small size would be a little larger than what was served. 

The serving of the food in terms of size is good for just one person which is understandable because the prices were incredibly affordable. While the serving time was also impressive for I didn't have to wait for my orders.


My first time dine-in experience with them was okay. The ambiance of the place is really cozy and quiet; one can really concentrate on whatever work they are doing there. The pasta was good but I hope they can improve the quality of their sandwich specifically the grilled cheese.

After careful thinking, the prices of their drinks are somewhat reasonable since they are the only coffee shop in the area. I just hope they can also improve the quality of their hot drinks.

I have a feeling we will be back to that place from time-to-time so it would be a great  chance to try their other offerings.

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