Christmas Tree Lighting at CityMall Imus

Dec 5, 2015


I started this month with excitement and happiness because it reminded me that it's exactly 25 days before Christmas and that this time, I will finally be spending it with my parents. I just can't get over the fact that after so many years, and though I occasionally go to Papua New Guinea for Christmas, this would be the first Christmas we will have as a family in our own home, here in the Philippines.

At the same time, I was informed that it was CityMall Anabu's Grand Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony that day. I'm grateful to be invited to be a part of the event.

The ceremony started with an opening remarks from Sir Kevin, the marketing manager of CityMall - Anabu. He welcomed and informed everyone of the promos the mall will be having for the Christmas season. Two of which were already available during that day: The Hover Board Nation and the Time-In Promo where you can win a brand new Avanza!

Hover Board Nation
You can finally experience and enjoy the hover board with this promo! A minimum purchase of P300 from any CityMall store entitles you to 15 minutes of fun!

Time-In Promo
Register and time in everyday for a chance to win a brand new Toyota Avanza or get one (1) pack of rice for every 5 visits to CityMall in a month!

Watch out for more promo updates through their Facebook page:

Before the lighting of the Christmas tree, a chorale performed some songs that helped set the Christmas mood. A few minutes after their performance, the host asked the audience to help her with the countdown. Everyone took out their gadgets and began recording the moment while doing the countdown.

As soon as the count reached zero, the tall Christmas Tree was lighted. Everyone was clapping while singing. The kids were cheering. A band composed of young individuals came in front and on both sides of the tree and performed Christmas songs. Those teens playing the instruments were really amusing! I was surprised at myself for I did not get scared! I'm usually scared of bands so that was a great feeling; I somehow felt I have overcome my fear. Yay!

Following the band performance, the host then prepared everyone for the arrival of Santa Claus. The kids began to gather in front and their parents took their best spots so they can take photos of their child with the famous old man.

When everyone was settled, Santa began to give out presents to the children. I was no longer able to take photos of him giving gifts as the parents and children were so eager to get a gift and rushed to him. I had to leave my spot to give way to them.

So I went to their food court to meet my parents who were enjoying some snack from Chowking. I stayed there for a few minutes to take my merienda too and the next thing I know, the event proper was finished and the floor was open for photo ops.

Seeing Santa and the smile on children's faces that day reminded me of how I was as a child too. I was always excited for Christmas and I always put socks near the window or door for him to leave the gifts in. Then one night, I saw my dad putting the candies. It ruined everything. I felt fooled and really down. But during this event, it made me realize why my parents kept the secret and went with it... Simply because the excitement and joy parents see from their children when they see or talk about Santa is priceless. Too bad I caught them. Haha!

This event was held on a Tuesday afternoon so most of the audience were senior citizens and the young children with their parents. If it was held on a weekend, I'm pretty sure it would be more jam-packed just like the CityMall - Anabu's opening.

When you do your groceries or Christmas shopping at any CityMall store, don't forget to time-in and enjoy the other promos they have for this season! ;)


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