Friday's 10 Happy Things v.2

Dec 19, 2015

Here's another post for the blog series: Friday's 10 Happy Things by Helga of My entire week was spent at home due to some terrible pain. So this was quite challenging because I had to look more on the littlest things that made me happy this week.

1. We're safe from the almost accident. We almost got into a car accident because of an irresponsible tricycle driver who did not seem to own a license. Luckily, my dad's reflexes are fast. We are very thankful it did not end to an accident!

2. I'm feeling much better now. As I aforementioned, I have been sick for the entire week. I'm suffering from a hydrosalphinx which I will talk in another post instead. I'm so glad that today, I was feeling much better to do my number 10.

3. Attendance to Nanay's birthday. Because of number 2 and number 10, we were not sure if we could go to Batangas for our Nanay Unta's birthday celebration. She's my great grandmother who will be celebrating her 93rd birthday tomorrow. It made me really happy to know we can make it.

4. Back to business. I have been really busy with blogging and other stuff that I have put my online shop in idle. Last night, I decided to go back and be active. After a few hours of posting in different online groups, I started receiving orders from different customers. Yay!

5. Blessing in disguise. My messages were not returned by the agency that first called me about an event happening just a few minutes drive from home. There was payment so I kinda of felt frustrated. But after learning some things about the company/brand that we needed to post, I was happy that I was not in the final list of guests as I realized, it will somehow jeopardize my credibility as a blogger. It was really a blessing in disguise. 

6. Company/brand sponsorship. From the little frustration for number 5, I was very happy to receive emails about sponsorship from different companies. I believe that these collaborations will really help my blog and network grow.

7. Problem Free. We asked a contractor around our area to build a brick fence. We bought the materials and we are just paying for their labor. We made it this way so we can monitor the quality and quantity of the materials instead of leaving everything to them to decide. We were kind of afraid that problems may arise. You see, in the Philippines, some workers, after getting a few share of the payment, they suddenly just disappear. That's why I'm very happy we didn't get any stress with the contractor and workers. We got the decent guys.

8. Best friend's announcement. I was told that my best friend, Kenneth, will be coming to the Philippines next year with his pretty girlfriend Lara. I'm just so happy to know I'm finally meeting that beautiful young lady and of course, because I will be seeing my best friend after so many years! I miss that dude so much. I hope Branden can tag along too!

9. Philippine Airlines now operating in PNG. Today, I found out that Philippine Airlines will start flying from Manila to Papua New Guinea and vice versa. This means that airfares will be more affordable! And that means that I can easily go back to where I grew up! 

10. Celebrating Dad's birthday. My dad, actually even my mom, have always spent their birthdays away from me. Today, I'm celebrating it with them.. with him. For how many years, I was jealous of his friends posting photos with him having a good time and telling me how they enjoyed my dad's company. That's why I'm so happy that today, I'm the one experiencing the fun and they (his friends) are the ones missing it! Bleh!


Welcome to Friday’s 10 Happy Things where we list ten things that made us smile this week so that we can start the weekend on an even more positive note!

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