Guylian's La Trufflina

Dec 10, 2015

In the Philippines, bringing of chocolates from other countries has been the pasalubong custom. or tradition especially for OFWs. Since my mom is one of the modern heroes (OFW), she usually brings home packs of chocolates for our family. However, this year, she only brought a few and this elegant looking box full of chocolate.

This is my first time to know about this brand. I thought it would either be too sweet or too bland. You see, I'm not into elegant stuff so I was not that interested with this... at least in the beginning. I still chose to finish the mini Mars chocolate bars. Haha!

But one day, when my mom opened the box, she explained why she bought this. She only wanted to try something new... she wanted to try this out for a change since we usually buy the usual chocolate bars and packs.

Even by the packaging, you'd know that this is not just an ordinary chocolate. It had description on the box in different languages. The packaging was very classy. This is something a man should give to the love of his life, with a bouquet of flowers. Seriously.

It was very sealed, as you can see from the photo above. And when you finally remove the gold seal, the beautiful round chocolates will make your eyes sparkle.

There are three (3) types of chocolates here: 1) White Chocolate 2) Milk Chocolate 3) Dark Chocolate. As stated in the packaging...

"Trufflina is an irresistable combination of Belgian chocolate truffles with a smooth milk chocolate truffle filing. Each truffle is enrobed with the finest milk, white or dark belgian chocolate and delicately sprinkled with fine chocolate flakes. An unparalleled chocolate dream."

I was wrong about this chocolate. It was not too sweet nor too bland. It had that well-blended sweet taste to it that I cannot find the right word to explain it. I personally loved the dark chocolate.

When I posted this in Instagram and used the #Guylian, I found out that I have seen and tasted this brand before but it was a different chocolate style/design. I just can't remember where I got that chance but I remember very well how I fell in love with their seashell chocolates. Not only was the aesthetics of the chocolate, but also the perfect chocolate taste it had.

This chocolate is, as expected, expensive. But it's not that bad to buy and enjoy a luxurious chocolate once in a while, right? I'm not sure though if this is available in the Philippines. If ever I do find one, I'll promise to update this post and let you know. I have tried searching this in S&R but it was not available there.

If you happen to know where to buy this here in the Philippines, please do comment below and let us know. Thanks! :)


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