Normie's Native Cuisine & Garden Restaurant, General Trias

Dec 9, 2015

There so many reasons why people prefer to dine outside. The famous reason would be because of a celebration. But aside from that, another common point would be that we are just too lazy to cook. That very reason plus the intention to also try a new restaurant we have always drove past weeks before led us to this native and garden restaurant.

You will not realize this is a small restaurant if it weren't for the big sign near the road and in the restaurant area; because the front area was filled with different plants for sale.


When we entered, a staff approached and assisted us. Because this is a native cuisine restaurant, the set up was native too. It had large nipa huts that can fit 6-8 persons and each has an electric fan. During our visit, it was windy so we did not use it.

Below is their menu. The prices are affordable however, they have limited choices. My dad was shocked to find out they do not sell alcoholic beverages. We were informed that they have just opened and that they do not have the permit to sell those kind of drinks.



We ordered Bulalo, Adobong Itik sa Gata and Pancit Bihon (small). Since it's our first time to dine-in here, we did not know what to expect from the serving. So when it was served, we were very pleased.

Normie's Bulalo - Php 500
Adobong Itik sa Gata - Php 250
Bihon Guisado - Php 250

As you can see, bihon guisado and the bulalo had a big serving. We had to take both home and were only finished the next day. Yes, it's that many!

While the adobong itik sa gata, according to my dad, was very tasty and that the duck was tender. His side comment was, "Masarap itong pulutan." (This would be better with beer.)

Overall, the food were satisfying enough and the prices are very affordable. If you happen to be too lazy to cook or too tired to drive through traffic along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, you can always turn to this restaurant to solve your hunger.

Normie's Native Cuisine and Garden Restaurant is located at Purok 5, Santiago General Trias Cavite. It's easy to see because of this big sign along Tejero - Pala-pala road.

✔ Parking space
✔ Music (radio)
✔ Take out
✖ Credit card payments
✖ Alcoholic drinks
✖ Wifi connection
Toilet (I'm not sure)


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