Sudden Trip to Leslie's Tagaytay

Dec 23, 2015

The perks of living in Cavite, specifically General Trias, is that we can easily go to Tagaytay. Usually, when my parent's or even my friends come over, after staying some time at home, they would ask if we can all go to Tagaytay as it's less than an hour drive.

We usually take them to the restaurants we've been to before because, as mentioned in my post about before, we're too skeptical to recommend a place we haven't tried ourselves. So we always end up taking them to Leslie's.


Leslie's is known for their native cuisines and of course, for having a great view of the Taal Volcano. The place is very spacious with hard wood tables and chairs. They have a band that will sing your requested songs while you eat.

I do believe that it's best to dine-in Leslie's as a family or group. I have tried dining there solo for my birthday and it felt very lonely due to the sight of other tables filled with groups of people. Also because most of their servings are big and good for two persons up.

My mom ordered Pancit Bihon filled with vegetables and some shrimps. It was a big serving so we were not able to finish it and had to bring it home. The taste was OK. I prefer bihons in Batangas that are somewhat covered in so much sauce.

My dad ordered a Seafood Kare-Kare. I was not able to try it but he and my uncle Tonette said it was very delicious and that there were many seafood inside.



I've always been a fan of their Sinigang na Sugpo so that's what I ordered. The sourness of it was just right and the prawns where really big! I partnered it with a Yang Chow just because I missed eating that rice. However, it wasn't what I expected. It tasted more like a java rice than a yang chow. 


Despite my disappointment with their Yang Chow rice, I will still recommend and visit Leslie's Restaurant. The prices of their meals are reasonable because of, as mentioned earlier, the large serving plus the great view of the Taal Volcano.

Leslie's is, in my opinion, the top of mind restaurant in Tagaytay. If you're planning to dine here for the coming Christmas, make sure you call to reserve seats for your group. For sure, this resto would be full packed until early next year.

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