Today is a special day for my family because it is my mother's birthday. I thought I won't be able to join her and dad in their dinner tonight because I wasn't feeling well since last week. Luckily, I was feeling better this afternoon, good enough to travel to SM Dasma for a dinner.
When we asked Mom where she wanted to eat, she can't seem to decide. We've eaten to most of the restaurants in that mall except for Kuya J's so we decided to eat there. Problem solved.
We checked the menu placed outside. Like we always do, we chose which meals to order first before entering the restaurant just so we can order quickly after being seated. I had my choices and so does my parents. Our minds were set for the meals. We we're excited as it was our first time to eat there. But the excitement did not last long.

One of the perks of having a car is getting to drive pass and discover newly opened restaurants and/or new attractions to visit next time. And that's exactly how we discovered this recently opened picture perfect cafe / refreshment shop in General Trias. Because it is located along the main road and because of its attracting interiors, there's a greater chance you will not miss this place.

As early as elementary, I was already into arts and crafts. But it was only back in college when I discovered my passion for fashion. I wasn't a fashionista before college. Yes, I do wear what's trendy but that was it. I don't worry about how I look; I was comfortable with jeans and branded shirts. When I started college and met students who dress well in class, I felt I needed to fit in. I bought magazines to check what's trendy, how to mix match dresses and well, visit the thrift shops (more known as ukay-ukay). And that's when my fashion interest kicked in.

I was an impulsive buyer. I bought any fashion garment I find beautiful even if I don't really have to wear it. Because of this behavior, my room was filled with garments I don't even wear. So I decided to sell them. That was the birth of my online shop.

After a while, I felt I needed to know more about fashion and the industry as a whole. I searched online for fashion schools and enrolled myself in one for a certificate fashion marketing course. It was the closest and the most convenient fashion school for me during that time. I remember wishing for a fashion school located within Calabarzon. Well, that wish was granted this year, around May when FIDA Sewing and Arts School officially opened its business in Silang Cavite.

Bazaars has been an in thing for years now. I guess, consumers are more fond of buying bargain products than branded items nowadays. This is also why more and more online shops are being established and are using bazaars are their store fronts occasionally.
Aside from apparel and home & living products, numerous of food bazaars are also put up to cater not only for the regular consumers but most especially to the graveyard shift call center agents. Most of these bazaars are found in Metro Manila, and near the call center buildings. The nearest food bazaar in Cavite would be the ones in Alabang area.
But recently, a food bazaar was finally put up in Cavite, in a newly opened Starmall, near SM Molino. I was not able to visit the bazaar due to busy schedule. Months passed and it saddened me they no longer serve in Molino. Then after a few more weeks, I saw from my newsfeed they moved to Brentville. Though it was much farther from home, I took the chance to try them out.

Public transportation is one of the important services in any country. Transportation not only brings a human being to their destination; deeper than that, transporation helps people achieve their goals or dreams, it brings people closer to opportunities and loved ones. It also makes people discover new things especially places. Without public transporation, both citizens and tourists will find it hard to move from one place to another.

Unlike Singapore which has an amazing public transporation system, Philippines has a terrible one. Commuters find it hard to take any public transporation. You can clearly see what I'm talking about during rush hour. The trains and buses are always packed. The traffic makes it a lot worst.

During special occasions especially during long weekend holidays, most of the bus terminals are packed! And the most annoying thing you could experience in a bus terminal is being in a long queu for hours and will later on find out, all bus tickets are sold. Yup, you stood there for nothing. You will be rescheduled for the next day or the next trip.

When I was younger, aside from playing ball games and gameboy, I also played with Barbie dolls. My grandmother spoiled me with almost any doll - from Barbie down to Kelly. I remember dressing up Barbie and even putting makeup on her face. Yes. Heard it right, I put makeup on Barbie using colorful mini markers. I usually change her lipstick, put eyeliner and eyeshadow. I always have a facial astringent and a cotton ball with me to erase it after a few minutes.

Contrary to my enjoyment in putting makeup on Barbie, I was too lazy to put anything on my face when I grew older. Those who knows me know I don't put heavy makeup on. I usually just use loose powder and lipstick. Yup, that's about it. I'm really not the kikay kind.
It was only recently that I began having coffee at CBTL. Thanks to Belle de Jour for pushing me to finally try them out. Before seeing the wonderful coupons that came with the planner, I have been wanting to try them out. Other bloggers  have been posting about CBTL which really caught my interest. However, because there's no CBTL near me, I couldn't find the right timing to try them out when I'm in Manila. But when I stayed in Fairview for a couple of days for a store opening event, I got to finally check them out.

It's my second time attending Blogapalooza. This year, it was held in Prosperity Hall, Elements, Eton Centris. If last year, I stated the brands that caught my attention, this time I will be stating the not-so-obvious things I did not like about Blogapalooza. Be an open-mind, okay? Hehe. Warning: I have a bad humor so please don't take this post too seriously.

Until relatively recently students and all the teenagers were obsessed with the digital devices and social networks while they had at least some free time. Texting was the only way to rest and have fun. Right now the trend has changed and more and more adolescents are turning to reading books not only from the 21 st century but also the classic splendors of America, British, and other authors. Books as “The great Gatsby”, “Norwegian wood”, “The perks of being a wallflower”, “Crime and punishment”, “A farewell to arms”, “To kill a Mockingbird”, “Uncle Tom's cabin”, “The art of happiness” etc. Some girls may have an interest in the light-weight books about the everyday life of women from diverse walks of life. To such individuals, we may offer such literature as “The devil wears Prada”, “Everyone worth knowing”, “The gone girl” and even more. Each of the books will reverberate in the hearts of young readers. Sometimes you will see yourself in the heroes' characters and the situations they find themselves in. At times, reading will help you to surmount your inner fears or obstacles in your life by reevaluating events and looking at the situation from another perspective. Books can also enrich the vocabulary and become a way to help with writing an essay in the future. Perhaps your literary talents were hidden?

Though it has been raining nowadays, we can still feel terrible heat of summer. Try standing outdoors and you'll feel your sweat dripping down your skin by just a few minutes. With this kind of temperature, we have to stay hydrated. Of course, drinking water is the best thing to do but you can also choose an iced cold drink with different flavors.

I have been suffering hair fall problem since college. It's annoying and embarrassing at the same time. That's why when I found out about MoringaO2, I really wanted to try it.  I first knew about MoringaO2 through Team Kramer and next from When SampleRoom had it, I was very happy but unfortunately, my sampleroom points weren't enough to get a sample. I kept going back to the mall near me before but they didn't have this yet. It took months before they had these on their shelves.

Living in a province has advantages and disadvantages. We don't have to live with EDSA traffic however, we are often left behind with the latest food destinations and newly opened fashion stores because it's usually located only within Metro Manila.

A good example would be buffets. Most of the most talked-about buffets are located in Metro Manila. A 3-hour drive just to eat in a buffet could be a big hassle. So we don't get to experience what Metro Manila people are enjoying.

I guess we all feel lost because we are so busy trying to be successful in our chosen careers, trying to please people, trying to get that 6-digit figure in our bank accounts, trying to compete just to be the best and subconsciously trying to be someone we're not. We get so caught up to these things that we lose focus and forget what we actually want, what makes us happy and what our purpose in life really is. Frankly, I've been to this stage many times and it's stressful. It feels bad not being able to meet the expectations other people. More so, it feels worst not being able to be the kind of person your parents expects you to be. I knew I needed guidance. I almost went to a priest for a talk. But a wonderful opportunity opened its doors for me. I was invited to join the Celebrate Your Purpose Workshop.

As I was walking around SM Dasmarinas last month, I discovered a new food space which serves sandwiches and other light meals. I never heard about The Sandwich Guy before and I never heard of it opening in SM Dasma. It just so happened I was walking to BDO bank when I discovered them. They're located in front of Ace Hardware and under the escalator. I wasn't busy that day so I took the chance to try them out.

After reading Everyone Can Be Creative, I looked back at my college life and remembered all the projects we had to do, the brilliant campaigns we came up with and everything else related to my course. Then I remembered the movie my good friend Jomar introduced to me a few years back. It's a movie that tackles the kind of world marketing and advertising has. It's a hilarious marketing movie and a romantic comedy movie combined.

As a child, were you the type who'd rather hold crayons than pencils? Would you rather paint than solve math problems? Are you more into music notes than into grammar lessons? If yes is your answer to these questions, I'm pretty sure you've heard other people tell your parent that you'd be a creative person when you grow up. But that's not the case. You see, when I was younger, I'm more into sports - running, soccer, basketball, swimming and even cricket but I did not end up being an athlete. I was somehow led to a creative course. It goes to show everyone can be creative... in our own little ways.

I honestly have grown tired of the regular cafe and restaurants. There are times I want a quiet time in a coffee shop and that's when I go to the less populated ones. But then there are those times I want to do or experience other things in one place. And I'm super glad that this cafe near me does the job.

It's that time of the year again when bloggers and businesses connect and begins a fruitful relationship with one another. It's a memorable event for most bloggers because this is where they take their blogs in a whole new level and find new friends: #BloggerSquad. Hehe. It's time for another Blogapalooza Moment! Here's are a few reminders for those attending this event:
Things to Remember

1) Make sure you are registered

Do not just show up at the event and claim that you're a blogger. Make sure you have registered first! I believe you can still register through this link: REGISTER HEREUse the password “blogafam” to register!

2) Know where the event will be held

It is very important that you know the location of the venue so you won't get lost and so you can plan ahead. You will have an idea of the traffic and traveling time. This way, you will know when to leave home or which public transport would best help you get there on time.

3) Prepare the must-bring

I have listed the things you should prepare and bring with you to the event. These suggestions are based on my last year's Blogapalooza observation.

4) Wear comfortable clothing

Look good on the event but don't sacrifice the comfort. You need to be comfortable as you'd be walking around checking each booth, and joining activities or games. You can set aside those heels for a day and wear your sneakers.

5) Make sure that the links and accounts are correct

Check your blog URL and your social media account links. Make sure that you it's correct and that you have a copy with you to the event. Some companies require you to sign up to get their press kits and other freebies. It's very important that the information you will give them are accurate and working.

6) Come early at the event

Coming early has many perks. You have a lot of time to visit the booths, interact with other bloggers and listen to the talks of the guest speakers. Some of the celebrity endorsers of the brands or speakers come early too. Don't miss the opportunity!

7) Don't be afraid to say hello

When you're at the event already, don't be afraid to say hello to other bloggers especially the Blogapalooza team members. Saying hello starts the conversation and who knows, that conversation might lead to great and endless opportunities for you!

8) Building partnership over freebies

I know that we're all excited to receive freebies from the participating brands but remember that this event was not made for just free stuff, it's being held for you to learn and build your network. Be reminded that if the brand or company sees your potential, they might give you more than just free stuff. So focus on your capabilities and be sure to communicate it with them. Work and earn that credibility. If they find you fit for the brand, you'll be surprised at how promotional items will arrive at your doorsteps from time to time.

9) Don't be afraid to ask questions

This is one of the things I wish I did in last year's event. I was too afraid to ask questions about the brands so I ended up just knowing a few. It's important that you have confidence and interest to know the participating brands because without those two, then why the heck are you at the event? You're wasting everything.

If you're not familiar with the brand, ask them to tell you a little more about them and from there, continue asking questions until you understand what their brand is about and analyze if you can relate to them.

10) Have fun but be professional

Blogapalooza will be fun but be reminded that you're in a business to blogger event. Be yourself but don't be too crazy. You wouldn't want to scare the brands, right?


Things to Prepare

When I attended the event last year, I did not bring most of this. How I wished I found a post of a previous participant that tells me to bring these things so I could have prepared well for the event. Now, I'll be that previous participant to help you. Here are some of the things you should at least have at to the event:

1) Business Cards

Bringing business cards make you look professional. You can have it printed by printing companies or do it yourself at home. I did my own card this year because I lack budget to have a more professional business card. You will give this card to the companies you're interested to be a part of. They will include you in their media list. You will be contacted directly for promotions and other collaborations.

Bringing a business card is not really mandatory since companies also provide spreadsheets where you can leave your details in. Giving a business card instead of writing down your information allows you to move from one booth to another faster; really saves time! :)

2) Media Kit

This is actually not required nor expected but I created one anyway. A media kit contains the basic information of your blog. I decided to create one so when I pass it to the brands, they can easily review my information on the spot. Less hassle for them in cross checking.

3) Camera and Smartphones

You need to have at least both. You need cameras to cover the event while you need your smartphone to join the social campaigns during the event. If you only have a smartphone, then that' fine. You can use that to take photos too but be sure you have number 4.

4) Powerbank

For sure, there wouldn't be an area for you to charge those smartphones. You need to always keep your gadgets charged and bringing powerbanks would really help you throughout the event. If you only have one, you might want to borrow another one from a family member or a friend unless your single powerbank has high MAH.

5) Pocket Wifi

Based on my experience from the last Blogapalooza, there are social campaigns held by brands before you can get their press kits. Some even requires you to like or follow their social media accounts before you can join their activities. Though the venue might offer wifi access, it's always best to be ready. Have your own wifi access to save you from time and be ahead of the others. ;)

6) Pen and notebook

Always bring pen and paper, preferably a notebook, just so you have something to write on when you need to. I usually bring my notebook to get the details of the bloggers I meet. It is where I also jot down notes from the talks held and the information given to me when I visit the brand's booths.

7) Extra bag or eco bag

Companies will be giving you freebies, press kits and even a company profile. Some of them won't provide eco bags. Just be prepared and bring extra to help you collect these things from them.

8) Snacks & Drinks

Based on my experience last year, though there was food available from a sponsor, the queue was long! To save yourself time (again) and from hunger, better bring your own snack and drink.


I hope these information somewhat gave you an idea on what to expect and how to prepare for the upcoming Blogapalooza event. Do not forget to invite your blogger friends to sign-up and share this post to remind other participants. See you there!


Let's connect and be friends!

If you've read my previous posts, you'd know that I'm always visiting this well-known buffet restaurant in Mall of Asia. Though I have heard of other buffet restaurants in Manila, we've never got the chance to try them. One of those buffet resto is Cabalen. We've passed its MOA and ATC branches many times and my dad keeps bugging us to try them yet we always give it a pass either because we were in a hurry or that we were already full. But when they opened a branch here at SM Dasmariñas recently, it was more convenient for us; it was much easier to find the right time to visit.

I do believe that visual impact is very important in business. If you own a boutique, your visual merchandising should be the best to encourage the window shoppers to go inside and eventually buy something. It's equally important for restaurants especially if it's new in the industry. Same as the boutique, restaurants should make their interiors pleasing and/or interesting to the eyes of the customers so they'd want to try you out. Good ambiance is one of the main things consumers look for. And that's what makes me want to try new restaurants too.

Batangas is known for the numerous beaches and resorts. Though my dad's family lives within the province, we rarely get to explore the different beach resorts near us. But late last year, we went to celebrate our family's reunion in one of the resorts in Bauan, Batangas. Coincidentally, it's owned by my mom's friend so we got good discounts. Unlike other resorts that are usually found near the beach, this resort was far from one and was in a high area of the municipality. It was quite unusual for us but we had a very private and fun time there. We did enjoy our stay in Seascape Resort.

I don't know about you but I'm really attached with photographs. I treasure photographs because its a visual representation of the memories I have. I can't afford to lose any of them unless I deleted it myself. So you can just imagine my frustration when I learned that an entire folder containing four (4) years of memories was gone from my external drive. I, nor my mom, can't remember accidentally deleting it. It was a big mystery up to this date why it got deleted.

I almost lost hope. I messaged different people I know who might have knowledge on how to retrieve files. They recommended different software applications but only one of the suggestions really worked for me: the EaseUs Data Recovery Wizard

Your Tagaytay trip will not be complete if you won't drop by Bag of Beans branch. Currently, they have four (4) branches: near Mendez crossing (main), Twin Lakes, near Olivarez rotonda and another along the highway. Though the Twin Lakes branch is the farthest especially for those coming from Manila, yet a lot visits there. Why? Read on!

One of the most awaited and most talked about book this year by a celebrity is now out in the market and today, it is officially being launched at Eastwood Mall Atrium. Published by Summit Book, #EverydayKath is a book by Kathryn Bernardo where she shares 365 ways on how to be a Teen Queen.
Honestly, I'm not a Kathryn Bernardo fan but because I have seen her grow up - from the cutesy kikay little girl Maya to now the Kathryn Bernardo in KathNiel - it somehow interests me to know more about her life as the Teen Queen. That's the main reason I bought this book and through this post, I will give you an idea what's inside; what I loved about it and what I wished it should have had
What I love about it

I really loved her photographs especially the ones in this book. Her simple beauty and charm makes her photographs pleasing to the eyes. Above are two of my favorites. It actually makes me feel old. I can't believe she's a beautiful grown up young lady now.

Well, just like Liz's, Bianca's, Georgina + Solenn's and Heart's books, it has beauty and style tips. But what I really I loved about this is it did not put specific brand names to the products. It's refreshing to readers like me who can't really afford lippies that are already worth a bag in an SM Department store. It makes readers focus more on the beauty/style tips than the brands of the products featured. Though in the first and last pages of the book is an advertisement of Avon, it didn't come off like book made to hard-sell products from the company.
I also love how she provided style tips for every girl. She reminds us that it's okay to not have one style, and that it's okay to go with the trend sometimes. It's normal. But she made it clear that we don't need to spend too much to be fashionable. It's a really good tip for teens as they are the ones crazy about fashion lately.

Lastly, I loved how she shared some tips on how to be confident, how to handle haters and how to be a teen queen of the internet. Because of her amazing influence, the tips she shared in this book would be a good guide for both teens and young adults. I just hope that her fans would do more than just reading this book; I hope they would reflect and live by the wisdom Kathryn shared in this book.
Just some suggestions though...

How I wished there was more pages about her. Though her answers to questions would give you an idea of show she is as the Teen Queen and how she is a Kathryn, it would have been better to read more write-ups about her: about her life behind the camera, about her point of views in life aside from the positive outlook she have already shared, about the advocacy she's supporting (if she has one), and a lot more. I believe that if she have shared more about these things, she could empower teens more and build deeper connection with her fans and other book readers such as myself.

Is this book worth buying?



This book costs Php295 and basically has four (4) parts: 70 quick tricks to lift your mood, 105 style tips for every girl, 70 beauty secrets revealed and 120 things Kathryn learned about life, love and everything in between. And that's about it. If you want to know Kathryn more or deeper, you will not get it from this book.

But if you're a teenager, a huge fan of Kathryn, and don't own a book with the basics about beauty/style yet, this would be an ideal book to have and treasure.

You can take a peek at the contents of the book through the video below.

I hope the KathNiel fans won't bash me for posting it. I do not understand why KathNiel fans are getting pissed with people who posts that contents of the book? Posting parts of it isn't spoiling the book, it's actually promoting it. Kath's fans should promote the book because it's worth buying and having than just merely aiming to make it the best-seller based on bookstore purchases. Just my two cents.

You may check Summit Books Facebook page for the updates regarding the delivery of copies in different bookstores nationwide.

A year after my last break up, my family and friends kept asking me if I have someone new as if it was that easy to get back up. Maybe they got so used to seeing me skip from one guy to another. Maybe they thought I'm still that easy-go-lucky young lady who goes out with any guy she feels like dating. Little did they know, a lot have changed from my last relationship.

It's true that I was hurt badly. It was too painful that even to this day, whenever I think of it, it still hurts. And the reason I still get hurt is the same reason why I'm still single: My trust was broken.

Last January 31, 2016, fellow Filipino Abby Asistio flew to San Francisco and had the wonderful opportunity of being chosen as one of the eighteen invited by Facebook on their 12th Anniversary Friends Day celebration with California-based Alopecia awareness advocate, Rachel Regal.  Alopecia is an autoimmune condition which results in partial or total head and body hair loss.  Abby Asistio have had it since she was four while Rachel just developed it sometime in 2012, the same year she discovered that her 10-year-old daughter, Eliana, had it, too.  Six inspiring stories were picked by Facebook among its 1.64 billion users and Abby’s friends were all amazed when theye’ve found out that Abby’s Alopecia story was one of them.  Imagine that!

As the Philippines’ Internet landscape continues to grow, along with it is the way that brands and consumers do business. For the real estate industry, easy and real-time viewing of the property is the fast-emerging trend.

Realizing the importance of the digital evolution, real estate giant Megaworld has partnered with online property portal Lamudi Philippines to strengthen its online campaign for San Antonio Residence, a new Makati project that eyes tech-savvy millennials as a primary market.

It's not a secret to anyone that Philippines, just like some other third world countries, is experiencing serious government corruption. It did not just happen last year or a few years ago. It has been happening in our government for ages!

Looking back at news reports, online articles and even stories from the elders, you'd find out that even before, there are already rallies against the government. The president and other politicians are being thrown out from position. And it's repeatedly happening up to this date.

I honestly can't remember where I heard about Zark's. I don't know much about this burger house but I heard their branches are always full. So when people from Dasmariñas and nearby municipalities knew they'd be opening a branch at SMD, they expressed their excitement in their Facebook page. And because I haven't tried them yet, it made me excited too!
A lot of celebrities are publishing books. Most of them are women from the Kapamilya network and most books are about fashion, beauty and/or relationships. But as my eyes scanned the shelves of National Bookstore, I found a new face... a new celebrity author... a new book to read and review: Brod Pete's #Basa.