Vic and Pauline at the altar
Photo credits to MetroPhoto
Ever since they told the public about their relationship, they have been attacked personally as if those people who say so many things know them very well. Yes, it's unusual to see a much younger woman go out with a man who is almost the same age as her parents. But you know what's sad to realize? The society is subconsciously dictating us what we should want in our life or what we should feel and who we should share that feelings to.

Have u ever tried levitation? Glide without touching the ground? Uncanny as it seemed to be Super Saiyans of Dragon Ball Z & Magneto of the X-Men amongst others have perfected that kind of ability. Picture yourself doing so, isn’t it exciting? Cd-R King your one-stop media provider once again spices up an extraordinary treat, iRover. A high-tech yet affordable gadget in-line with CD-R King’s effort to bring technology to the general public.

I grew up in a country where our only mode of transportation is our  own car. It was not safe for us to ride the cab or the bus. So when I moved to Philippines, I had to know how commuting works, At the beginning, I was very afraid. I always go with my cousins or our neighbors when riding the jeepney. I was very shy to say bayad po and para po. But eventually, I got used to it. And after a few months time, I was confident enough to travel to anywhere in the Philippines.

My parents never missed a chance to warn me of the hassle and the risks of commuting in Manila. But as a hard headed daughter, I still tried going to Manila on my own. I just really wanted to explore the city because I never really got the chance to live in one.

I was not able to post for a couple of Fridays due to the sudden busy life. But here's a rundown of my week's 10 Happy things. 

1. Friends with Teo.

I lost communication with this man for almost 2 years and it was only late last year that we began communicating again. Due to some issues, we were not allowed to be friends on Facebook but then the other day, he personally sent a friend request to me. Yay for our friendship! We're slowly patching things up.

Gone are the days when we have to buy extra batteries to bring with us when we go on long trips. Or the hassle of finding power outlets in cafes and other establishments. Thanks to the brilliant minds who came up with power banks! There's so many of them in the market but we always buy from CD-R King. Read on to know why.

Ever since I first tasted Pepper Lunch from Glorietta, I can't get enough of it. Unfortunately, I don't get to eat it as often as before ever since I moved back to Cavite. My craving has been making it hard for me every time. Luckily, I found a much closer branch: Pepper Lunch, Mall of Asia.

As my good friend Bea says it, one of my major adulthood milestones I want to achieve this year is to have all wooden hangers in my closet as well. Some of you may think it's just hangers, for crying it out loud. But I guess, for fashionistas, it speaks something else.

It was only during the Blackberry time when I invested so much on phone accessories - from leather casing to those little earphone hole plugs. But after I owned an iPhone 5. I usually just get a cheap casing just so the phone won't slip on my hand. I don't feel like spending much on my gadgets especially on phone casing. I found it unnecessary.

However, late last year, I was blessed with an iPad Mini I won from FoodPanda. I'm not used to owning and holding a quite larger tablet than my former one. It was kind of hard for me to hold and carry it around as bare as it was when I got it. I had to search for a nice casing and the only place I had in mind was the Halo Mobile Clothing Store.

The hashtag walang forever became a hit in the Philippines last year. You'd see people using the hashtag on a daily basis - may it be in a conversation, prints on shirts, text stickers on cars, wallpaper on phones and other gadgets, a story or title of a book, and mostly, as a joke or a tease (or weirdly, a comfort) to give a friend who just got his or her heart broken. So it's no surprise that film producers would also come up with a movie about it.  What's surprising is that... this was actually a good movie!

We don't have a big family but we don't often get the chance to be together because usually, me, my parents and my uncle are always in Papua New Guinea. But last year, December 2015, we finally had the chance to be complete. And though we were missing our Inay Belen, my grandmother, we know she was looking down on us and smiling.

No matter how much we deny it, we, women, are actually fond of the idea of weddings: the gorgeous white long lace gown, the beautiful scented fresh flowers, the creative and unique invitation styles, the historial and solemn church, the good looking bridesmaids and groomsmen, the shiny and sometime sparkling rings, and most importantly, the moment where both families come together as one. Wedding is the fairy tale for adults but for some, it's as scary as the The Ring movie. Just like how it was for Kit Castille.
I will never be ashamed to admit I'm a Bob Ong fan. Who isn't, right? His stories/books are entertaining and are brilliantly made. I remember finishing his four books (ABNKKBSNPLAako, Bakit baliktad magbasa ng libro ang mga Pilipino, Alamat ng Gubat and Macarthur) in a span of two (2) weeks! Yes, I was that hooked! I just didn't have the time after that to finish his other books due to busy accounting subject quizzes and other school related shit.
So when I found out and saw the teaser-slash-commercial of his book-turned-to-movie titled Lumayo ka nga sa akin, I looked forward to watching it to know the story. In my mind, it would be easier to watch and understand as I'm now too busy now to read Filipino (language) written books. But sadly, the movie did not deliver the story to me.

A lot have happened this week! Here are the top 10 things that made me happy this week:

1. #BantaGrandReunion

Last Saturday, our family had a Grand Reunion. It was our very first time to meet our other relatives from my great great grandparent's clan. It was a tiring but I can say fun event. We get to meet new and catch up with our other relatives who we rarely get a chance to see or talk to. Plus my mom won one of the raffle! She won a coffee maker. Hehe.

We were in the province since Friday. The internet connection there was very poor which caused me to publish this post late. But I still want to post the things I'm thankful for last week so I will have this post to look back on and remember the 10 things that made me happy.

1. New Year's Eve.

I'm very happy and thankful that I was able to celebrate the new year's eve with my parents in the comfort of our own home here in Cavite, Philippines. Just like Christmas, it was their first time to celebrate the new year's eve at our home. 

Star City is one of the oldest amusement parks in the Philippines. I remember going there when I was still in grade school. I loved riding the caterpillar roller coaster, the carousel and the bumper car. I also remember how I don't mind the waiting time to get to ride those. So much memories in that amusement park.

"How is it being the only child?" or "Do you get whatever you want?" are just a few of the common things other people ask me when they find out I'm the only child. True though, I have been blessed with a generous grandmas and parents who provides me with whatever I want. But I wouldn't call myself a spoiled brat as I don't always get what I want, contrary to what many believes.

Before selfie sticks were created, tripods were the photographer's or simply a vain person's best friend when it comes to self-portraits. Easy it may sound but portrait, for me, is the hardest shot to take. Why? Because humans have different facial expressions. There would be cases where the client would not be so happy at how her photograph turned out because her eyes looks dull, or her smile was fake or her lips were too pressed. Don't you notice it on yourself too? When you take photos of yourself, you try to assess if its already your best shot or if you still need to take some more.

My mom and I are not into make up but are so into lipsticks. We usually just do face powder, lipstick and sometimes, eyeshadows. We're not the kikay kind.

One day, my mom asked me to look for a crayon lipstick and it was quite hard to find one in my area. It was honestly my first time to hear about the crayon lipstick though I have seen it in some online posts. I just didn't know it was called as such. I was able to find one from Revlon however, it was not a lipstick, but a colored lip balm instead.

S&R offers a variety of imported products in large sizes. It could be a little overwhelming especially for small families like us. The large sized products isn't so ideal for us but we keep coming back for certain products like Starbucks Mocha pack, my dad keeps going back for his Tsingtao beer while my mom loves the Natur-a Organic Soy Beverage.

One day, during our visit, I saw this Tostitos pack. Along side it were the dips available. I'm not a fan of nachos but I really enjoyed the nachos my mom and I ate during my Uncle Mac's surprise party held at the Center Stage Family Ktv And Resto Bar. I was kind of craving for it so I decided to purchase the two dips and a pack of tortilla chips.

I grew up in a family who are into arts and photography. I usually joke around saying "It runs in our blood." when people ask how I learned to take great shots. But the truth it, it's just a matter of practice and continuous learning. Each one of us has that so-called good eye in photography because we all interpret things differently. We just often fail to discover that talent.

Dear Future Boyfriend,

My family has always been looking for you. They keep asking me where you are and when I will introduce you to them. I always joke around saying, "Naliligaw pa ata." (I think he's lost.)

Come to think of it, I wonder if we have met before? I wonder if you're that cute guy ordering an espresso macchiato to go over the Starbucks counter. Or that smart guy in glasses that sat next to me in the bus on my ride to Manila. I also wonder if you're that random guy that bumped me in the mall while I was busy refreshing my Facebook newsfeed on my phone or that guy that smiled at me in a buffet restaurant I love visiting. And I do wonder too if you're a good friend of mine, still denying to yourself that I actually matter to you. Hahaha! Assumera.

It's always better to end the year and welcome to new one with our loved ones. May it be in a famous park, in a countdown event hosted by big companies or simply in the comfort of our homes... being with the people we love the most is enough to make the New Year's eve special.