5 Reasons Why I Love Using UBER

Jan 31, 2016

I grew up in a country where our only mode of transportation is our  own car. It was not safe for us to ride the cab or the bus. So when I moved to Philippines, I had to know how commuting works, At the beginning, I was very afraid. I always go with my cousins or our neighbors when riding the jeepney. I was very shy to say bayad po and para po. But eventually, I got used to it. And after a few months time, I was confident enough to travel to anywhere in the Philippines.

My parents never missed a chance to warn me of the hassle and the risks of commuting in Manila. But as a hard headed daughter, I still tried going to Manila on my own. I just really wanted to explore the city because I never really got the chance to live in one.

Through those short day trips to Manila, I have seen and experienced what they have been warning me about: the hell traffic, the uncomfortable situation inside PUVs, the risk of getting robbed, be deceived by taxi drivers, and many more. But do we really have a choice? We have to face and live with these circumstances. And I'm just not ready to live with it. That's why I don't strive to work or live in Manila.

But just a few years back, I learned about UBER from a friend. She uses UBER to get to work and to get home. I was skeptical about it at first because they only accept payments via credit card that time. So to convince me about using it, my friend took me with her on her ride home. Even after that ride, I still was not that convinced.
When consecutive taxi crimes or incidents have happened, I gave UBER a try. My friend and I was at Z Hostel and was headed to SM Megamall. With just less than a minute after I booked a pick-up, I received a call from the driver named Darwin. He said he's already on his way and where do I prefer to be picked; inside or outside the street. I told him he can just wait for us outside the street so it would be easier for all of us.
I was expecting to be charged above Php150 because I have tried riding cabs from or to Megamall before and was always charged more than that. So it really surprised me that it only costed us Php114?! It was a quick ride too because it only took us less than 25 minutes to reach SM Megamall. Take note, it was a Friday evening! And ever since that night, I have fallen in love with UBER. Why?

Here's the common 5 reasons you may hear from every UBER loyal riders:

1. It's easy to book.

With just a few typing and clicking, one can easily book a ride with UBER. I also love how they give you a fare estimate before confirming the booking. This way, riders could have an idea how much they'll be spending. Based on experience, their estimated fares are quite accurate.

2. They don't refuse.

I have tried getting cabs from Divisoria to Mall of Asia or from Mall of Asia to Robinsons Forum (in Pioneer) and most have refused to take me there. Of course, their common reason is the traffic and because of it, they'd require you to pay extra. With UBER, you wouldn't encounter any of that and that's what I really love about them too. They are more customer oriented than profit oriented.

3. They have reasonable charges.

I really find UBER charges to be reasonable especially if you think of their overall service. Even with a surge, their charges are acceptable. My dad had to travel to Business Coach for his training last month. I booked him a trip through UBER and was notified there was a 1.3 surge. We still accepted it because he was running late for his training and it was rush hour. He left Sea Residences at 8:13 AM and arrived at Business Coach Bldg. (near Greenhills) at 9:07 AM. He still made it just on time.

According to my receipt, the actual fare was just Php 252.30. t's almost the fare he'd be spending on regular worn out taxi. Plus Php 75.78 surge. Not bad actually because it was very convenient for my father and he got there just on time for his training.

4. Routes and drivers are trustworthy.

Because I'm not that familiar with Makati, it was really hard to trust regular taxis to take me to other places especially through North area as they might just take you street after street just to increase the meter. With UBER, if the driver doesn't know the best routes to take, they have Waze to help them. Through that app too, they get to avoid traffic areas.

As for the drivers, they are very trustworthy and polite. They will greet you as you get in the cab. They will not take advantage of you. They will take you to your destination quickly as possible.

5. Good conditioned vehicles.

Have you ever experienced riding in a supposedly air-conditioned taxi but as you travel to your destination, you felt heat instead of a cool and nice breeze? I've experienced that a lot and sometimes, the taxis are almost dysfunctional to a point you'd worry if their breaks still works!

UBER vehicles are waaay better! This is because they require their partners to have a vehicle that is just 3 years old. This would mean that the vehicles are literally good as new, and/or well maintained. Customers gets an assurance that the quality of their trip with UBER will always be the best.

Why am I sharing this information to you?

Because I want other commuters to know how convenient and safe it is to travel with UBER. I still see so many people lining up in taxi stands and get old dirty taxi vehicles or get refused by taxis just because the customer declines to add extra.

I want others to know that there's a new choice for us commuters. I want others who haven't tried UBER to be curious so they can try them too. You'd understand where I'm coming from if you've personally experienced their service.

If you're convinced to try them, you can use my code (below) to get Php200 off your first ride! If you still want to read more about UBER, here's a website that will help you understand everything about UBER in Manila.

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If you have tried UBER before or you have tried them because of this post, please do share your experience with them below. Good or bad so we can know and learn from each other.

Let's connect and be friends!

DISCLAIMER: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. I do not, however, claim to own the photo used in this post. It was grabbed from www.pexels.com

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