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Jan 29, 2016

Gone are the days when we have to buy extra batteries to bring with us when we go on long trips. Or the hassle of finding power outlets in cafes and other establishments. Thanks to the brilliant minds who came up with power banks! There's so many of them in the market but we always buy from CD-R King. Read on to know why.

I bought my first power bank about 3 years ago when I first attended the Pyromusical competition. I found out about it from a good friend of mine who was with me that day. She saw my struggle as I battle with other cafe customers get the best seat near a power outlet. She suggested that I buy a power bank instead. So off we went to CD-R King, Mall of Asia branch and got myself a pink power bank which was just 5400mAh and costed only Php 480 (US$10.06) at that time.. It was a very helpful gadget to have during the Pyromusical Competition. I can take photos and videos without worrying about my battery's life.

Then my uncle found out about it so he bought himself one. He chose the sleek blue power bank because he wanted something he can easily put on his pocket. This was a 4400mAh and was worth Php 650 (US$ 13.62) at that time. Unlike my pink power bank that has two, it only had one USB slot. 

And just mid last year, I bought another one which was 10400mAh and costed only Php 990 (US$20.74). I bought another one for my parents who was abroad and looking for an affordable power bank to use when they're in the office. Because my dad owns a high-end Samsung phone, this is what the CD-R King staff recommended.

Just like my pink one, this white power bank has two output voltages: a 2.1A and the regular, 1A. It also has a torch just like mine. My uncle didn't have a torch feature on his.

The white is heavier than the first two probably because it had more mAh. Just my theory. Haha! But what's cool about it is that even if you can't put it in your pocket because of its bulky body, you can clip it in your belt or pants instead.

Then earlier this year, my uncle bought himself another one. He fell in love with the white one too when I showed him. Haha! Besides, his blue one was not enough for him already as he's constantly on the internet.

We buy more of CD-R King power banks not because we had to replace the older one. Because believe it or not, all these power banks are still working well. We only buy more because the mAh of our older ones were not enough especially for me who's always out and always on the internet also.

CD-R King offers a variety of affordable power banks. You can view their power banks here. Stocks may differ per branch though. Make sure you ask assistance from the staff regarding the best power bank for you as it may also vary depending on the output voltage needed by your phone.


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DISCLAIMER: This is NOT a sponsored post. All power banks are personally purchased. All photos and opinions in this post are my own.

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