Friday's 10 Happy Things. v.3

Jan 11, 2016

We were in the province since Friday. The internet connection there was very poor which caused me to publish this post late. But I still want to post the things I'm thankful for last week so I will have this post to look back on and remember the 10 things that made me happy.

1. New Year's Eve.

I'm very happy and thankful that I was able to celebrate the new year's eve with my parents in the comfort of our own home here in Cavite, Philippines. Just like Christmas, it was their first time to celebrate the new year's eve at our home. 

2. Amazing Fireworks.

We didn't need to go to another place to watch amazing fireworks because our generous neighbors prepared so much for everyone of us in the subdivision. They have already starting lighting up the sky as early as 10PM and continued until past 12 midnight. My parents really enjoyed it since they don't get to see fireworks in Papua New Guinea.

3. Pair of boots.

I was just looking through some footwear in SM Department Store, Mall of Asia when I saw the Rusty Lopez maroon boots. I showed it to my dad and he asked me if I wanted it. I've always wanted to own a pair of boots so I was very happy that my mom gave me a go signal to buy it. Both my parents convinced me it was worth it. 

4. Star City.

It's been so many years since we last visited Star City together. We did not ride anything and we went there late but it was a nice feeling to see what has changed, what remained the same and remember the good old memories in it.

5. Before I do.

I saw a collab post in Blogapalooza group in Facebook about a book review project. I signed up just to try it out. I was surprised Ms. Kath replied to me! I will be receiving a copy of her book titled Before I Do anytime this week. I'm very excited for it.

6. Letters From ABC Postcards

I joined #GGxABCGiveaway to win both the Asus Zenfone or the Letters From ABC Postcards. I'm selfish like that. HAHA! Just kidding. I just tried my luck. It was an epic moment for me actually which I will share some other time but to cut the story short, I won the Letters From ABC Postcards!!! Very unexpected since I know a lot have joined the giveaway.

7. Alabang Hills.

We were able to visit Tito Jhun's house in Alabang Hills. It was our first time to go there as well. For some reason, I love seeing big houses and it really makes me happy. It motivates me to achieve my goals and get one for myself and my family.

8. Regained communication.

Isn't it nice to regain communication from someone who has turned his back on you? That's why we are very happy that we got to contact a former family friend.

9. Shopee Power Seller.

I wanted to boost my Shopee account to gain more followers and of course, sales. I emailed their team to ask about how I can have the 10% off labels on my products. They explained that I had to be a power seller first. I provided the necessary information first and yay! I received a call from Ms. Ludi, who is from their business development team and informed me I will be a power seller. It made me happy because it will really help me with my online business.

10. Safe travels.

We have been traveling recently and during those long drives, we have seen a couple of road accidents. I'm very thankful that we are safe from all our travels. I'm always happy when we arrive at our destinations safe.


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