Friday's 10 Happy Things v.4

Jan 16, 2016

A lot have happened this week! Here are the top 10 things that made me happy this week:

1. #BantaGrandReunion

Last Saturday, our family had a Grand Reunion. It was our very first time to meet our other relatives from my great great grandparent's clan. It was a tiring but I can say fun event. We get to meet new and catch up with our other relatives who we rarely get a chance to see or talk to. Plus my mom won one of the raffle! She won a coffee maker. Hehe.

2. Unexpected Gifts.

After the reunion, my mom gave me a red paper bag. She said it was from Ate Lenlen. When we got to our family home, I found out my other girl cousins got a gift as well. It was very unexpected so we were very happy and more than thankful.

3. Fun Photo Shoot.

I had a fun photo shoot with my cousins. I was actually shooting for my online shop when we had this crazy idea of having a short and fun photo shoot together. We rarely get this bonding moment so it was really precious for me.

4. Bread Roll Satisfaction.

During New Year's eve, I was able to taste a very yummy bread roll from our neighbor. Ever since, I had been craving for it. I remember my Ninang (godmother) keeps asking me if I wanted it so when we went to Batangas last weekend, I asked her to make a couple of pieces for me. And she did! It really satisfied my bread roll craving.

5. Closet cleanup.

I finally had the guts to let go of some of my clothes. It was not that easy because I'm the kind who holds on to things. To me, those are not just clothes; they are a representation of a story or a memory. But thankfully, I got the courage to let them go and give them to people who may need them more than my closet space.

6. Lost & Found.

My original iPhone headphones got broken. Thankfully, I saw my old Philips earphone! Whew! Finding it saved myself from buying a new one! 

7. Hakaw/Hakao

I don't usually get to eat hakaw because the nearest Superbowl of China branch for me is either the Mall of Asia branch or the Festival Mall branch. I specifically love Superbowl of China's hakaw more than the other restaurants because of the taste and texture. There's really something different about it that satisfies me. And I'm very happy I got to taste it last night!

8. Blogger Mail.

I was in Manila early yesterday. When I got back home, my uncle told me that a package came for me. I didn't expect it to arrive this week so I was really delighted! The #BeforeIDo book is now with me! Yay! Expect a book review about it soon!

9. Black lipstick.

I've been looking for a black lipstick for weeks already! Why? I really don't know. Haha! But I'm very happy to find that BYS has replenished their black lipstick stocks! Well, at least for their Watsons Mall of Asia branch.

10. Dippin' Dots.

I really love Dippin' Dots. It's my most favorite ice cream, ever! Since it's not available everywhere, as mentioned in my past post, I make it to a point to buy a cup whenever I pass a Dippin' Dots stall.


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