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Jan 27, 2016

It was only during the Blackberry time when I invested so much on phone accessories - from leather casing to those little earphone hole plugs. But after I owned an iPhone 5. I usually just get a cheap casing just so the phone won't slip on my hand. I don't feel like spending much on my gadgets especially on phone casing. I found it unnecessary.

However, late last year, I was blessed with an iPad Mini I won from FoodPanda. I'm not used to owning and holding a quite larger tablet than my former one. It was kind of hard for me to hold and carry it around as bare as it was when I got it. I had to search for a nice casing and the only place I had in mind was the Halo Mobile Clothing Store.

There's so much to choose from! They have a lot of cases for phones, tablets and even laptops. They are my top in mind brand because they have the most affordable quality cases and bags in the market. Yes, there might be other stores that sell similar products for a much lower price but based on experience, Halo products lasts longer. There's really a value for money.

From all the available cases for iPad Mini, this is the one that I decided to buy because of three reasons (please excuse my crush's picture, hehe):

1) It rotates

It has this feature that allows you to rotate the iPad 360 degrees! It makes it easier to rotate the iPad in cases like watching a movie where landscape orientation is best or during personal presentations where you have to rotate the screen for the person across the table to see.

2) It holds

The casing has this stand feature that holds the iPad in the best orientation needed when watching a movie, reading an e-book or even by just browsing the internet. 

3) It protects

It has a high quality material that protects the screen when it's closed. I didn't need to spend more bucks in buying a tempered glass just to protect my screen. The casing itself is enough to do the job.

The item code is Mylene Mini 2 and bought this for just Php595 (US$12.41). Such a steal, in my opinion. It's not even heavy. I no longer fear of it slipping on my hand or worry that the screen would be damaged as I'm very confident this Halo case would protect it at all times, and for a long period of time.

Watch this case in action through the video below:

You may check their Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/halomobileclothing) for their other products and latest promotions. Or you may visit their website (http://www.halomobileclothing.com/) for their branches and company information.

We have been using the products of this brand for years already and they have never failed us. How about you? Do you also own a product of Halo? Tell us about it below.


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