Happy New Year!

Jan 2, 2016

It's always better to end the year and welcome to new one with our loved ones. May it be in a famous park, in a countdown event hosted by big companies or simply in the comfort of our homes... being with the people we love the most is enough to make the New Year's eve special.

After so many years, we, my parents and I, were able to spend the New Year's Eve together here in the Philippines. We did not prepare too many meals because there was a house warming at my uncle's new home which is just a few blocks away from our house. We spent the first part of the New Year's eve with them, eating, drinking, playing darts and just having fun with the company of other neighbors.

Coincidentally, a group of volunteers came to the subdivision for a Christmas Caroling activity. When they arrived at my uncle's house, they sang a few Christmas jingles and my uncle's requested for more songs. Because they sang new/modern songs, it looked like there was a live band performing at my uncle's new home. Haha!

It was a very rainy new year's eve but that did not stop some of our neighbors from lighting up their fireworks display. Thanks to them, we did not need to go to Mall of Asia or anywhere else to watch great fireworks display.

We didn't need to spend our new year's eve extravagantly. All we needed was good & fun camaraderie and generous neighbors for the amazing fireworks display that lighted the dark rainy sky that night. :)

Happy New Year everyone!

Disclosure: The cover photo (first photo) of this post was not taken during New Year's eve. It was an entry for Pyromusical Competition held last February 2015 at Mall of Asia Seaside. The photo was taken by yours truly. If you want to use it anywhere else, please ask permission from me first or at least give me credits for it. Thank you!


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