Just my two cents about Pauleen & Vic Sotto's Wedding.

Jan 31, 2016

Vic and Pauline at the altar
Photo credits to MetroPhoto
Ever since they told the public about their relationship, they have been attacked personally as if those people who say so many things know them very well. Yes, it's unusual to see a much younger woman go out with a man who is almost the same age as her parents. But you know what's sad to realize? The society is subconsciously dictating us what we should want in our life or what we should feel and who we should share that feelings to.
You'd often read or hear comments saying...

"Kung hindi lang mayaman yan, hindi yan pagtyatyagaan ni Pauleen."
"Ano pakiramdam makipag relasyon sa isang tatay o lolo?"
"Gold digger lang si Pauleen."
"Dirty old man si Vic."
... and many more hurtful words coming from strangers.

If there are people who should be saying things against or about them, it should only be their immediate families. It should be Vic's children. It should be Pauleen's parents or sibling. There might have been some problems at the beginning but that's the admiring part of their families. Despite the big age gap, they all learned to accept them both. They all understood how happiness is much important than what others would think. If their families were able to accept and move on with the age gap issue, why can't others do it too? Besides, Pauleen's not a minor who needs guidance from other elder people.

Indeed, we are all entitled to our own opinions but does that include saying harsh things against people who you don't even know personally? Does that include being ill-mannered? Is that the way you were raised by your parents? Or is that how the society molded you? Think about it.

Why is it so hard for us to be just happy for people who are happy? Why do some of us have to always find holes to dig and damage just so they can be miserable like them?  Why are we always on other people's business when we have our own lives to think about?

You see... there's nothing wrong with voicing out our opinion as long as its a constructive and not a dull-witted attack. Okay, okay. Maybe you were raised to believe that people with age gap can't fall in love with each other. Maybe you're just not comfortable with that kind of situation or idea. If that so, why don't you just let it be. Why is there a need for you to trash talk? Remember that what you say against other people don't define them. It actually defines what kind of a person you are. 

So the next time you comment something harsh against other people online, remember the bold and italicized sentence in this post.
Pauleen and Vic after Wedding
Photo credits to MetroPhoto

Let's just congratulate them and be happy for them as they are now bonded by God through marriage. If you really can't be happy for other people, at least don't ruin their happiness.


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