Late Lunch at Pepper Lunch

Jan 29, 2016

Ever since I first tasted Pepper Lunch from Glorietta, I can't get enough of it. Unfortunately, I don't get to eat it as often as before ever since I moved back to Cavite. My craving has been making it hard for me every time. Luckily, I found a much closer branch: Pepper Lunch, Mall of Asia.
mall of asia branch of pepper lunch
Aside from the Glorietta branch, I have also tried their Greenbelt branch. I must say, this is much spacious than the two. But I believe the prices in Glorietta is a bit lower than the other two probably because it's located in a food court. Anyway...
We ordered different meals. As usual, I ordered their Beef Pepper Rice. My mom ordered a Pepper Teriyaki Chicken while my dad got the Salmon Pepper Rice.
Beef Pepper Rice

terriyaki chicken egg and corn
Pepper Teriyaki Chicken

salmon rice with corn
Salmon Pepper Rice
Their Beef Pepper Rice tastes the same - delicious as always - however, I was not so happy with the amount of serving I had. I remember dining in other branches and it had a decent number of beef pieces.
I was not able to try some of the Salmon but according to my dad, it was also delicious also. My mom, on the other hand, was not so satisfied with her order. She found the chicken quite dry. If it weren't for the gravy, she might not be able to finish it.
Despite the setbacks, we still had a good late lunch at Pepper Lunch. It still managed to satisfy our hunger especially my long time craving.
If you're planning to visit them anytime soon, I suggest you try to go before or after lunch time or dinner time. They're usually full on those period. There are no seats inside and servings could take longer. I don't recommend you eating outside during lunch because you'd sweat a lot due to humidity of the area and the heat from the sizzling plates.
Do try them when you see a branch. You'd understand why I'll always crave their pepper rice meals.
You can visit Pepper Lunch's Facebook page for their latest products and current promotions.

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