Lumayo Ka Nga Sa Akin Movie Review

Jan 17, 2016

I will never be ashamed to admit I'm a Bob Ong fan. Who isn't, right? His stories/books are entertaining and are brilliantly made. I remember finishing his four books (ABNKKBSNPLAako, Bakit baliktad magbasa ng libro ang mga Pilipino, Alamat ng Gubat and Macarthur) in a span of two (2) weeks! Yes, I was that hooked! I just didn't have the time after that to finish his other books due to busy accounting subject quizzes and other school related shit.
So when I found out and saw the teaser-slash-commercial of his book-turned-to-movie titled Lumayo ka nga sa akin, I looked forward to watching it to know the story. In my mind, it would be easier to watch and understand as I'm now too busy now to read Filipino (language) written books. But sadly, the movie did not deliver the story to me.
As mentioned above, we watched the movie yesterday. I was excited as a Bob Ong fan and because the trailer shown on TV was hilarious. We came at the cinema earlier than the next screening schedule. Luckily, it's a continuous viewing. We arrived at almost the last part of Episode 2 (Shake, Shaker, Shakest). My mom and I already sensed the ka-cornyhan. It kinda killed our interest.
A few minutes after, the Episode 3 (Asawa ni Marie) started. The first impression of the movie changed a little bit when Joey Paras came to picture. The natural comedy finally brought light to our already killed mood. But it did not last long as it died again as the movie approached the last scenes.
Frankly, my mom wanted to leave as soon as the credits were shown. She didn't want to wait and continue the movie anymore. She said it would be just a waste of time. But I insisted. I told her we can leave if the first episode (Bala sa Bala, Kamao sa Kamao, Satsat sa Satsa) begins boring like the last two. We made a deal.

I already prepared my things in case my mom stands up and walks out the cinema as soon as she hears fail comedy lines again. But to our surprise, the first episode was actually the best. In the beginning, I found myself and my mom laughing at the simple and natural humor of the scenes and actors/actresses. We really enjoyed that episode. As my mom said it, "Yung episode na yun ang nagdala sa movie."

Sadly though, the story or scenes ended quickly and then the next episode showed. We did not get the first part of Episode 2 so we gave it a chance. We thought that we probably didn't like the ending just because we didn't know the beginning of the story. But after a few scenes of the episode, we felt the same boredom we felt so we decided to leave. We left at the part when they entered the white house.


I guess I expected too much from this movie; it being based from a Bob Ong book and also based from the humorous trailer aggressively promoted on national TV. And just like most expectations, it turned to be a big disappointment. Sorry to say, just an honest review, if it weren't for Episode 1, it would be a total waste of time and money.

I do believe that it's not Bob Ong's story that sucks but the way it was presented in motion. This movie actually encouraged me to get back to reading his books especially this Lumayo ka nga sa akin. I would frankly tell you I did not like the movie but I would not (at least not yet) say that the story sucks as well until I get a hold of the book.

Should you watch it? Well, if you're willing to risk your P170 and about an hour & a half of your time, gorabels (go)! But if you're expecting endless and extreme laughs, this might not be the movie for you. Go watch something else.


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